Need info on 93/94 coleman pop w/ ramp/wide door

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Aug 6, 2006
Hi All

I have read postings on various disability related sites that in 93 and 94 Coleman made a pop up w / ramp and 30 inch doorway.  One post said it had accessbile bathroom too ( too good to be true)

ANyway, I see some of you are very Coleman savy...can someone please tell me the "model name" of this coleman.  I cant look for one if I dont I have the exact model name.  I got nothing on doing search w/ just yr and make...I think I need the model!!

Any help would be great

It is for husband and I ...husband in wheelchair / no walk.  Thanks in adavance guys!!


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Jan 22, 2006
Don't know about the 93/94 models but I think the 2002 was called Niagra Elite.  Best I can offer.  Had a friend that had one.
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