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Jul 4, 2013
I just recently purchased a 1987 Travelmaster Freeport Class C MH, however after a search of the vehicle I am unable to locate the owners manual.  I would like to know what and how to operate all of the features this MH has and do it in a safe manner.

Where can I find a owners manual for the MH, online or else where, I have been searching the net but so far no luck
Most likely there is no owners manual, RVs are generally custom built and so there is no owners manual. What you can do is Google the model number of any appliance in the RV and you should be able to find an owners manual for that particular item. Info on your engine and chassis should be available online also. If you have any questions about anything on the RV then this is the place to ask.
Click on the Resources button above and Scroll down to Owners/user manuals and service/repair manuals.

As SeilerBird said, don't expect to find an owners manual specifically for your brand of RV.
And if you do find one, don't expect to have much useful information. It is more likely to tell you how to wash the exterior than to operate any of its features.  But we can probably help. The RV Forum Library has a lot of general info for newcomers to RVing, and we can usually ansewr questions about how things work or what a switch or valve is for.

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