Need Used Motorhome in South East

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Jul 27, 2005

I am planning to purchase my first motorhome as soon as I find the one I want.  I work in the oil field and live in a 25' travel trailer in Texas.  My wife travels back and forth every other week (700+ miles each round trip) visiting our 2 sons & grandchildren who live in different cities in Louisiana.  She needs a motorhome to travel in for the comfort and to have a place to stay.  We have a little dog and she doesn't want to keep the dog in their homes.  I'm looking at a used Type C class not over 22'.  Looking at 1998 thru 2004.  Also looking at something not over 50,000 miles.  My wife really likes the interior look of the Dynamax Isata Sedan.  We have also been looking at the Winnebago Minnie 22' and the Coachmen Catalina 22'.  We are faced with trying to locate one that is in the southeast.  Not looking forward to having to fly to get it.  If anyone knows of someone wanting to sell their 1998 or 1999 Isata Sedan, let me know.  Thanks.

Just a note....when looking into the class c motorhome, make sure you remove the cushions on the overhead bunker to make sure there is no water damage or rot.  I discovered damage on the class c we were in the process of buying.  Everything else was great...except for the overhead! Just an FYI!

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