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Oct 7, 2012
Just bought a 1996 Georgie boy Pursuit the coach battery had been disconnected by the owner that pasted away.  No one knows how he disconnected or if he removed wires.  On inspection seems the cross cable missing does anyone have a wirring diagram or a picture so that I can see how to hook up.  Thanks in advance.
How many batteries? Both House and chassis (engine start)?  A fairly typical arrangement for a gas chassis coach of that vintage would be two house batteries a and one engine starting battery. The two house batteries would be either in parallel (if 12volt) or series (if 6 volt). In both cases the negative terminal wire will go to chassis ground, usually pretty directly. The house battery positive wire goes to the converter/charger and 12v distribution panel, while the engine positive wire goes to the starter and chassis power panel, possibly via and isolator device.

There may have been 1-2 additional smaller wires to the house positive terminal as well.
WE have a 2000 pace Arrow and inside the door over the enterance door.  There is two switches that DISCONNECT the house batteries and the ''starting battery''.  On one trip to Fla. when we stayed in one place for three months, I turned these switches off and forgot about it.  When we started getting ready to leave, the coach would not start and the rooms would not come in.  I said Shux real loud and after much checking, I remembered those two switches.  CLICK .....ZOOM..... all was fine.  this is just a thought but it may help, maybe, possibly, but of course I am probably wrong so dont use this info AND when it dont work for you, you can blame me.....  ten cents if it does work for and you can pay me the next time you see me..... ............cj.........

We call that a HFWHOH moment (Hit forehead with heal of hand)  and the number of us who have never done something like that is precisely equal to the number of us who DO NOT have such switches.
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