New 2005 Class A coach

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Apr 27, 2006
Benicia, CA
  In my so far unsuccessful search for a new Class A motorhome, I have found a new 2005 unit at a dealer in NY.  I'm sure that the dealer is anxious to get rid of it, since it's been sitting around for a couple of years now, unsold.  But, I'm a more than a little wary of purchasing something that's been sitting so long.  There could be rust, corrosion, rotting rubber, etc., in places that are hard to see.  What do others here think of this situation?  Thanks in advance!

Is the dealer willing to sell it at the price of a used 2005, i.e. the high retail NADA book value? Forget the MSRP sticker - it is no longer relevant. As you note, just sitting around is wearing it out (tires, for example, are dying whether driven or not). And the book value is decreasing as well, even with zero miles.  But if you can get a good enough deal its worth considering.

Areas of concern to me would be: anything rubber/vinyl, accumulated moisture/corrosion in the genset's armature (you can bet it did not get regular exercise!) and condensation in the fuel tank.
My way of thinking it's worth less than High book  Nothing on it is going to function as good as one that has been used.
Absolutely consider it used - there has been lots of wear with lookers tromping through it for a couple of years.  I would be concerned with the engines not being exercised regularly.  However if the price is right, I would seriously consider it for purchase.
I agree with USED pricing.? Don't over pay.? All RVs are easy to buy and almost impossible to sell.

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