New 2007 Coachmen Concord 235SO

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Jul 2, 2006
Well she finally arrived! We picked her up Dec 23rd.

I finally got in there to poke around last night, Xmas and all.

Well, I found a few of the rough edges, and am in the process of fixing.

1. Entertainment system needed to be rewired. Did that.

2. DW broke wall support hinges on the fold down table. Going to Lowes today to see what we can find. We need something beefier that she won't break. ;)

3. Need to install XM tuner and iPod. Bought the needed parts at Circuit City, just need to install.

4. Heating duct in head barely blows any heat. This may need to go back to the shop. But I will try to fix first.

5. Clean sawdust out of cabinets, not much, but some. A tac cloth should do the trick.

6. I need to weigh her, and adjust air pressure in tires.

7. And there is a bit of a draft coming in under our couch when the slide out is "out". Is this normal? I figure it probably is, it is not allot, but still there. I will need to poke around on this, when we get someplace warmer and dryer. Rain and low 30's here.

That is my trouble list. When we get south I will check the plumbing for myself. My dealer said they filled and checked the water system before winterizing.  All in all, we are very happy with our purchase, and cannot wait to hit the road!  ;D

Congratulations on the new Christmas present! Hope you have a lot of happy miles with it.

That heater duct in RV bathrooms are designed to blow less heat that the rest. If you close the door it will get VERY hot if the duct is larger.

Sawdust is normal and probably will show up again over time. Depends upon how good the manufacturer is at preventing a lot of sawdust.

I wouldn't expect it to be normal for a draft coming from under the couch when the slide is out. I'd check the seal.

If the dealer did the PDI properly then they would have filled all the tanks and checked for any leaks. Not a bad idea to do it yourself as sometimes small things are missed. They should also have done a propane leak test. A manometer is placed on the system, usually the stove, pressure is reduced to a predetermined level and left for 15 minutes. If the pressure hasn't changed then there are no leaks.
Congratulations on the new toy and many happy miles!!! Doesn't sound like it has any serious flaws and we hope it remains that way for you.

Heater ducts in the head often do have lower flow, as Jim suggests, but my experience is that they also often have long or convoluted ducting that reduces flow severely. Especially if it is relatively far from the furnace. It's also fairly common for those round plastic outlets to be broken internally and stuck closed or semi-closed. Unscrew it from the wall and see if it actually opens when you turn the little gizmo the front.

Definitely check the slide seals for the draft - one may have come loose or rolled over to an ineffective position. If a galley slide, also check where the plumbing and power comes up through the floor or sidewall to feed the slide. They may not have sealed the hole adequately and allow colder air to come up from the bay area. That's an entry for bugs and mice too.

Congratulations on the Coachman. Sounds like you're having fun tinkering.

warm in Death Valley
Well, I broke out the screw gun and had it!

I went right for the furnace area to check the "ducting". I found a 2 inch line that runs under the floor into the head. The heat just trickles out, at both ends. I will need to dig into this further. I have a total of 4 ducts, one by the rear entry door, one in my little hall way, one in the dining are and the one to the head.

The one to the head looks a bit mickey mouse, and it is roughly 2 inches in diameter. And there is little heat moving out of the makeshift exchanger(?) box that directs the heat from the blower motor. I think I will have to dig into this little box to check for blockage, as well as the vent in the head, as Gary mentioned.

As far as those table brackets, I found them at, I forget the name, wood workers cabinetry type store. The one that is nation wide. Already have those installed, what a difference.

And it looks like I will have to take a trip to the car stereo store. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the stereo out! I have the removal "keys" that came with the unit, but I have no instructions on removal, and just cannot figure this thing out of its hole. :mad:

Other than that, the DW and I went to Camping World and dropped a few bucks on "stuff". That was fun! Boy, it sure is different going in there when you actually own a motorhome! :eek:

At least I feel comfortable enough to leave. The DW and me are planning to go somewhere, so we need to get a move on. She has to be back to work on Tuesday of next week. And I want to GO!!!!

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