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Dec 20, 2005
OK guys and gals.
I'm was in the dog house this past week when I brought home a new 5er.
Now here's my probleum, my 2004 chev 2500HD/8.1 V-8/ swb/cc/Allison /4.10 rear.
The TL book tell me I can pull up-to 15,600, my new Presidental 36rlt 16950gvw/hitch wt. 2350lb.
It seems to pull alright,but where am I ?????
Do I need to go-up to a 3500 as we are going full time.  ???
It seems to pull alright,but where am I ??

In trouble.? ?Especially in long haul trips and trips in the mountain west and in long term performance.? You are just plain hauling more than your truck is designed for.? Remember it is not just engine, it is transmission, drive line, suspension, cooling system, and brakes that are affected by overloading.? ?

Do I need to go-up to a 3500 as we are going full time

The GMC 3500s are not going to get you much more in towing capacity than you have now.? ?You need to go to the Ford F450 and 550 series.? ?Actually for full timing you are probably better off in terms of capacity, reliability and total cost with a medium duty truck.? ?That is a big trailer.
IMHO, you just don't have enough truck for that 5er. You might be able to get by with a 350 (3500) diesel dualie but it may be marginal. When you go full time you'll be bumping up on that max GVW and your hitch weight will also probably increase some. F450 or F550 would be better.

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