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Mar 26, 2013
Brooker, Florida
HI to all: Hope everyone is "Gearing" up to go RV'ing. Spring is here (suppose to be anyway), I am from Florida so it is always good here (most of the time), to move about with my Rig. Check out my personal Web site if you like (link under my avatar).  We have visited or stayed at many RV campgrounds in Florida so if you wish, send me an email about any questions you may have about my area and I will help if I can. Happy RV'ing.
Hi RVTraveler, from another Floridian.  Our home base is up around Ocala, out in the National Forest. Where are you?

OK, I now see (after checking out your site) that you are in Hamilton County, "way down upon the Suwanee River".
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