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Apr 12, 2006
Hi, We are new at this. We are just buying our first trailer. Does anyone have suggestion on buying? Also my husband is a big Jeeper. Got any good suggestions on where to go in Michigan? We have three kids ranging from 11 down to a year if you have any ideas of good places to take them too. All suggestions greatly appreciated
Welcome to the RV Forum.  I am sure you will get the answers you are looking for.  Best off roading is actually in the west.  Try Moab UT sometime gorgeous country and lot of neat Jeep trails.
Does anyone have suggestion on buying?

How do you plan to use the trailer? Weekends? Seasonal (Snowbirds)? How many people will use it?  Any kids? How big do you want and what weight can you safely tow? Do you need to get into rough/small back country camping areas for Jeep expeditions?
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