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Apr 25, 2005
I am taking my gang to New England late this summer for about ten days. I am looking for information(advice) on one or two nice campgrounds on the coast where the bugs won't be bad and where there are alot of activities for my kids(3&9). I also want some good local lobster for the warden(my wife) and myself. Any experienced help would be most appreciated.
Btw, I forgot to mention -- we have a 43' coach so not all campgrounds will accept us
Old Orchard Beach Maine caters to families with children. There are several campgrounds there and I think at least a couple of them can accomodate you.  Bayley's Camp Resort is the most well known and gets good reviews form most people, but I've never stayed there myself.

As for "lobsta", you would be hard pressed to find a Maine seacoast town that did not boast several lobster spots, anywhere from a shanty to a  restaurant with white table cloths. 

Then there is the Maine Lobster Festival every August in Rockland, ME. See
There are  several campgrounds in the area - one of the nicest ones is the Camden Hills Rv Resort in Rockport, a few miles up the road. Pricey - but most New England campgorunds are. Camden Hills has sites plenty big enough for your 43 footer and the local restaurants in Rockport and Camden are excellent. Camden, ME is a classical Maine seacost village and the port offer schooner trips, lobster fishing "eco-trips", etc. 

We workamped at Camden Hills for two years and love both the area and the RV park. See
We visited Gary & Nancy when they workcamped at Camden Hills. We liked the park and nearby places, but be advised that there are lots of tall trees (not conducive to satellite reception). There are also mosquitos in this area, not limited to the park. Our coach is 38' long and I seem to recall that a longer coach would fit in some of the sites.
Following up on what Gary said Bayley's is a good camppground for kids, plenty to do and they get lobsta from their own restaurant down the street. One of the more expensive campgrounds in Maine.

Camden Hills is beautiful.

Another great destination with kids is the Bar Harbor Campground at Bar Harbor. The campground itself is OK, decent facilities, lots of room, and a pool. With Acadia National Park, the rest of Mt Desert Island, and Bar Harbor itself there is a LOT to do.
When we go to Maine, we have stayed at Shore Hills Campground & RV Park in BOOTHBAY, Maine.  We go there because we enjoy taking the passenger ferry to Monhegan Is for the day.  Also if you use, many of the campgrounds will list "big rigs welcome".

Some places to see in Maine:
Freeport, ME: Desert of Maine (a real desert hightlighted on Ripley's Believe it or not), LL Bean, and the street of shops
Bar Harbor, ME: Mount Desert Is and parks.

Finding a campground to accept your rig will not be too bad.  Navigating the narrow roads will challange your abilities.  We don't tow a car so even finding suitable parking in the small towns is another challange.  Our Rv is 36'.  The roads are narrow and twisty turny.  We have gone to these places several times.

You will enjoy the trip!

Robert Flight
Rochester, NY
Daughter stayed in Bar Harbor and loved it.  Me  Never been there so that's 2nd hand info.

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