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Feb 21, 2006
Hi!  My wife & I just came from a show this past weekend and ran into a salesman that has an interesting purchase.  We are considering full time RV?ing after I retire this summer.  We are strongly considering a fifth wheel but have never owned one.  We have had travel trailers and mini motorhomes over the last 30 years we have been camping.  We have always heard that Carriage was the Cadillac of campers. 


            This salesman has a 32 foot carriage Cameo that is a 2004 leftover that his boss would like to unload.  They are offering for sale for $35,000.00 with the original 2 year warranty from the factory.

            I would like another?s opinion.  Please let me know ASAP.  Thank you.

Eddie Wetmore

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Carriage is a respected brand, though the Cameo model is hardly in the Cadillac class.  I'd say its more like a mid-range model, though Cameos come in several trim and option levels.  We have at least one Cameo owner here, so maybe they will offer some first hand comments.

And as always, beware of salesmen offering great deals.  Check the value of a 2004 Cameo 32 at I wouldn't pay more than used book retail for it, even though it is new. It's still "old' the minute you sign the papers.

      Thank you for your reply.  So far you are the only response I got here.  I had a few on Open Roads Forum that had similar responses.  My wife was looking at the NADA web site last night.  We are hoping to go up and take a look on saturday.  It's about a 2 hour ride.  I asked him today if he could send some pictures so hopefully we'll see them tomorrow.  I may have been a travel trailer camper for many years but it seems from reading articles and magazines I have a lot to learn about 5th wheels.  I had asked about the tires at the show since it's been sitting and didn't think until someone mentioned last night the seals on the hoses/piping as well.  So we'll see.  Thanks again.  I will try to let you know our findings.

Eddie = ssetw
  I agree with Gary.  You need to look up the NADA value.  It might be that $35,000 is still a bit high, but it might not be in your area.
The Carriage line is a nice camper, but as Gary said, they are not in the top group.  One would have to go to Teton, Newmar or Travel Supreme to get into that, but now you are getting into weight and $$$.

Before you leap, look at the weight of that thing compared to the capacity of what you're going to tow it with.  32 feet is a lot of 5th wheel.
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