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Sep 15, 2005
Southern CA
Hello, new to this board !
We are in the process of trying to decide on a Class C . This will be our first motorhome, moving up from a teardrop camper.
Currently under consideration is a queen island bed floorplan, with front entertainment center.
Jury is still out on slides.
Any and all suggestions based on experience are welcome !

Thanks !
Hi Smokeater1,

Welcome to the forum. Hope you're keeping the teardrop as I'll bet it's a classic! In any coach you will want the bed to be an island so you can move around all three sides. Those that are in a corner against a wall are extremely difficult to make up. If you don't expect to have anyone traveling with you the entertainment center up front will work fine. Also, some of them still allow a single bunk in front of the center.

Slides today are pretty reliable. Watch the payload as slides do add weight to a coach. You do not want to exceed the GVWR when you are loaded.

Welcome to the RV Forum community!? Glad you found us.? In order to get the biggest bang for the buck in researching for your new coach, go ahead and post a question in the Motorhome Section where people with an interest in various brands and features are most likely to see your query.

Hope you make the RV Forum a regular part of your online activities.


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