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Jan 3, 2013
North Dakota

Glad I found this site and the information on it.

I am completely new to RV's but planning to go full time by late summer or early fall. It will just be me, my English Setter, and a Goldwing.
I am an avid golfer, bird hunter, and motorcyclist looking to explore our great country. I will have a lot of newbie questions and hopefully
some good advice by some veteran users. Main focus would be on used class A and tow or mount the Goldwing.

Looking forward to checking out the many forums on this site.
If you have questions about RVing, this is the place to be. The people here are very knowledgeable and friendly.Welcome aboard! ;D
There actually have been several recent threads on just those questions. There are a number of folks here who are doing exactly what you want to do.

Enjoy your research and welcome to the Forum.
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