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Sep 29, 2006
Ft. Myers<Florida
Hello all:
I am new to all this, we are planning a trip next spring, USA, Alaska and Canada. Not sure what type of vehicle to use, all of them have pro's and con's not sure what to look for, except we want a newer nto new vehicle.
Any comments and advice is more than welcome.
Hi Terky,
Your question is so broad its hard to respond in any useful way.  How many of you?  How long a trip (USA, AK & Canada is far more than you can see in years, lets alone "next Spring").  Are you thinking of a trailer or a motorhome?  What sort of budget?
Hi Terky,

As Gary said, you have asked a very broad question which is difficult to answer without additional info. If you are planning on moving from one area to another frequently then a motor home might be the best answer. Trailers take a little longer to set up which can become tedious after a while. If there are several of you going a trailer does offer more sleeping accomodations than any Class A motor home. A Class C with a separate bedroom and the overhead bed can provide as much as some trailers. The dinette usually makes up into a bed as well as the couch. You will have to research various models to see what is offered.

We have  been fulltiming for 10 years and have barely scratched the surface of things to see and do in the lower 48, never mind Alaska and Canada. :) Where do you plan on starting this trip and where do you want to end up? Please ask any questions you have. There are many here that can answer them.
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