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Dec 30, 2012
Hi folks.  I just registered today.  I don't own an RV but plan to build a teardrop trailer.  My brother has built one and has learned what to do different next time.  I'm hoping to find answers mostly by searching about things such as plumbing, wiring, towing, past experiences. 

Also, I have been tasked with repairing and, maintaining my company's 18 wheeler car hauler race trailer. 

About me, I am a mechanic and have a young family.  My wife grew up touring the country in an RV, so I will have to work on her some to get her enthused about it.  I don't plan on touring in a teardrop, but I want to build it with my kids (boy 6, girl 7) and possible take them for a weekend fishing trip.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Welcome to The RV Forum, Jon. You'll find lots of useful info here. Don't forget to check the Library link above for articles on just about everything. BTW, your user name makes me a little nervous....we own a classic '73 VW Beetle and had a '72 Beetle smashed a few years ago by a gravel truck !

San Clemente State Beach
I used to be a VW mechanic and that's how I got the name.  Now I work on slightly more expensive Italian cars with horses and with pitchforks. 

I plan to mill around the library and use the search function before I just start asking questions. 

Sorry to hear about your smashed bug--not too many left out in the wild these days!
beetle_slayer said:
Sorry to hear about your smashed bug--not too many left out in the wild these days!

It was quite sad but the gallant little bug did make a great buffer between the gravel truck and the back of our motorhome.

Ask away when you have questions. There are lots of friendly, knowledgeable folks here who enjoy answering RV questions.

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