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Jun 30, 2005
our names are Lindsay & Lynda and are new members looking for help and advice please,we live in Cumbria England and have been RVing for the last couple of years in the U.K. &Europe & we hope to tour the U.S. &Canada for 18 months in early 2006 depending on visas-health-finance etc etc and look forward to hearing from any members  with any guidance
Kind Regards Lindsay & Lynda
Lindsay & Lynda, welcome to our friendly forum. Feel free to ask any and all questions you have related to RVing and the RVing lifestyle, including RVing in North America. We have several Brits on the forum who have either done what you're planning to do or hope to do so sometime soon.
Hello Lindsay & Lynda

This is the place to get info on travel in North America!? ?Our Forum members have a diversified collective travel experience across the Continent, so feel free to post your travel questions.

You may want to consider Bob and Judy Howen's RV travel videos. Bob is a professional videographer and photographer who has produced travel videos for RVers where Bob and Judy actually make the trip in their motorhome and provide travel insights for the itinerary of each video.

There are several to choose from including the Rockies, Eastern Canada and the California Coast.

CLICK HERE for information.

For ordering travel information from the 50 States and 10 Canadian Provinces? Check This Out

And for travel tips in Canada, read through the Travel Outside U.S. Forum Section

Be sure to let us know how we can help!
Lindsay & Lynda,

Welcome to the RV Forum.  Please join in any of the ongoing discussions, ask questions, or start start new discussions relating to the RVing lifestyle.  Looking forward to your post on your RVing adventures.


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