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Feb 3, 2007
NW Arkansas
I thought it was about time to comeout of the shadows. I've been reading the posts here for a few weeks, LOTS of good info!
My wife and I  have been 'playing' with RVs/TTs for several years now. We started with an '82 Toyota Dolphin, then moved up in size to a 1976 18' Holiday Ramblette.
I've been wanting to upgrade to a class A for a looooooong time. For the past 8 months I've been hunting around for a class A that fit my wants.

A month ago I stumbled across 'The One'.
I was looking for an older model Chevy chassis MH that needed some TLC. You see, I LOVE to work on things. I feel like it gives me a much better understanding of the unit and better appreciation of it if I made it what it is. Sorry, that's just me.

So I found this 1978 23' Itasca suncruiser. The owner knew nothing about the unit. He had purchased it to stay in while they moved in a new doublewide. He had no clue how anything worked, or even IF it worked. All I knew when I bought it was that the generator was there, I could tell the fridge had been upgraded at some point,to roof didn't leak, and the engine/trans worked fine.

So I took the leap and bought it (cheap  ;) ). Drove it home (19 miles). ;D

Since then I have learned through this forum many,many things. I now have a running generator,a functioning fridge,and working interior lights. Amazing how much comes on when you actually install more than just the engine battery.(previous owner

I still have a few issues I am working on, but they are coming along quite nicely. I'll address my specific concerns in the appropriate threads.

Anyhow, glad to have found you all. Can't wait to get to know you all better.


Welcome to the forum and make sure you visit the Library and check the RV Salvage shops thru out the country.  I and Friends have in the past done quite a bit of RV restoring and found our best scource was Colaw Salvage in Mo.  They always knew what they where talking about and helped us immensely while shipping everything to us.  However, there are others that may be just as good.  Mush info can be gained right here, because much of things you have or will do, others here have experienced the same thing.  Good Luck and fire you questions as they come to you
Hi Ed, Glad you found the Forum and glad you found a toy to work on. Please continue to share as your adventure progresses.

I love threads like this. I'm onboard and following. Won't be able to help, as I'm a newby, but will watch with interest.


Ray D  ;D
Looks as tho you do have a decent unit to work with.  Lots of TLC and heartaches going into this for sure.  Good Luck and we're all here for info support as well and moral support, but the WORK portion is all yours. That's because Work is a 4 letter word and those aren['t supposed to be used here. LOL  Good Luck.
Karl said:
Damn Darn - a 4-burner stove :eek:! Most of us have only 3. Just don't spoil it by saying you either eat out or microwave something all the time :p

And a lot of them only have TWO. Makes me grateful for my 3 burners. However, I don't want to have to wash up the mess from someone who needs four burners to cook.

warming up in Cortez
I won't spoil it for you. I honestly do not like to go out to eat. I prefer "home cooked" meals.
When I would 'camp' in the TT I would use the 3 burner stove for cooking things like sauces and side dishes. The rest of the meals while I was out would be prepared on my trusty old smoker/grill. One thing I have always been good at is grilling/smoking. One of the few talents I have that my wife is thankfull for. ;)

You know, maybe I'm just a sentimental young fool. Everytime I go out to work on the MH I can't help but think that at some point, my MH was somebodies pride and joy. I found the build sheet which listed the appliances when new. Every one ofthem has been upgraded. Whether out of necessity or on a whim I don't know. But I just get a feeling everytime I step inside. I feel deep down that that MH brought alot of joy into someones life at one time. Before it got retired to Hillbilly hell.

I refer to it as hillbilly hell based on what typically happens to older coaches and TT in these parts.

Deer Camps.

4-8 drunken hillbillies swilling beer parked in the woods talking about who knows what. Coaches that get driven 2x per year. Once to camp, then back again. The rest of the year being used to store odds and ends,grain,dogfood, etc.

I feel good breathing new life into that old coach.

Some nights, when I get home from work (sometimes 13 hr days) when I'm too tired to work on anything, I just go out and sit in her. Swing that pass seat around facing the rear, recline the seat back (the whole seat not just the backrest) and think about what I have left on my 'to do' list before We go on our maiden voyage.
I know, I know. It sounds sappy. But oh well. It is exactly the reason we bought a coach. To bring a little enjoyment and relaxation into our lives.
So far, mission accomplished. ;)
Sounds like a "labor of love" to me - bound to bring you a lot of pleasure as you restore the old gal. Let us know how we can help with advice or suggestions.
Sounds like you're enjoying the old girl even if you haven't taken her out camping yet. Keep on enjoying. And I know exactly what you mean about hillbilly hell. I felt bad when we sold our old Class C to an old coot I knew was only going to use it twice a year for hunting camp. I thought she deserved better than that, but alas, we needed the money to pay the sales tax on the new Class A.

Welcome to the RV Forum. Please look around the forum,  join in on any of the on going discussions, start new discussions, or ask questions. Thanks for joining us.

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