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Oct 16, 2005
Traveling North America
The route that got me here was an invitation from Bob Buchanan on the RVingSingles Yahoo group after an inquiry about the 2006 Quartzsite gathering. 

I am a full-timer traveling when and where I get the urge.  Like many others I am in the South during winter and North during the summer.  Three trips to Alaska have been highlights in my travels.  Some of my travels are documented on my website.  Current "rig" is a 2006 GMC 4x4 Duramax/Allison Sierra long bed extended cab pickup pulling a 2004 34' Airstream Limited SOL. Current location is Southern Oregon heading South via Lake Almanor, CA and Pahrump, NV ending up in Texas for the holidays.  Quartzsite is in the plan for the RV and Gem shows.

I have too many Internet interests and tend to be a lurker so you may not see too many posts by me.

Dick Martin
  '06 GMC Sierra Duramax
  '04 34' Classic Limited SO
    mailto:[email protected]

    December 7, 1941
  September 11, 2001
  We will never forget!

Welcome to the RV Forum.  Since you are going to be in Quartzsite during the RV show why not join us At the RV Forum QZ Rally.  Details and how to find us can be found on Bobs website.  We have a good group and have a good time.  Glad you found us.

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