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Yvette Richards

New member
Oct 8, 2012
I was given 84 chevy coachman, this is my second summer to use.  First time to winterize.  I am somewhat confused.  I can not locate the waterpump.  Instructions talk about a pressure button.  I put 4 gallons of pink antefreeze in fresh water tank it is suppose to pump through all lines and the water heater to store for winter.  Running out of time and help. 

Thank you

I'm moving your message to another section so that it will get more views.  Someone will jump in and supply you with the information you need.  In the meanwhile, we have an article in our library which discusses "winterizing".  Just click the Library button on the above toolbar.

I am also changing your subject line to reflect the discussion.


I don't know what a "pressure button" may be, but I doubt is  if it is necessary to complete the task. Just turn the pump on and open taps so that it pumps the antifreeze solution in the tank through the water lines. Don't forget the toilet, and also ice maker & water machine if you have them.

See the Winterize article in the Forum Library - here is a link
If your hot water heater doesn't have a bypass kit installed, pick one up otherwise you will be putting 6 gallons of antifreeze in it.
Just remove the heaters drain plug and drain all of the water.
Also remove all the water filters if you have 'em otherwise the pink stuff will stay in the filters.  Also, if you have access to compressed air, it's helpful if you blow out all the lines by blowing air into the external hose attachment and then going around to all the faucets, etc and letting air come thru.  A short hose, like 6-10 inches long can serve as an adaptor to the air nozzle. 

There is an alternative to dumping the "pink stuff" into your fresh water tank... next year... after you find the water pump you can use it to pump pink stuff to all the outlets.

Also, don't forget the "P-traps" in all the sink/shower drains. 

Also, either drain the windshield washer fluid or get some that is good to -20. 

Also, any canned food you leave in the RV will freeze and could break the seal... then when it thaws, you'll have a big mess.  This goes for any other stuff, like sodas, hand lotions, some liquid soaps, etc.

the reference in the forum library covers all of this.
one other area which may or may not apply to most mhs. my 37g has washer and dryer hook ups in the washroom closet. we do not have a set in there but the taps for the washer are kind of hidden in the back of the closet and could be easily overlooked when opening all the taps to let the rv antifreeze through the lines.
Hi Yvette, Something else that would be good to know is, how cold does it get where you live? 
  You may consider having a RV shop winterize it or  have a experienced person take a look at it.  if it gets really cold and stays well below freezing and you overlooked something, the damage could be expensive to repair.   
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