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Jan 13, 2007
I have been on IRV2.NET and RVNet since 03 just discovered this site and glad to be aboard. Seems as if you have fine and friendly group of folks.
We have a 03 39qd Horizon and don't travel often due to illness in the family. We live in Yorktown, VA.
We consists of my wife Linda, two dogs and myself, Jim.
Itchn2go is my handle and that is a fact.. Good Miles
Hi Jim and welcome to the RV Forum. Glad you found us (we've been around close to 20 years).

Let us know if we can answer any questions and don't forget to scratch that itch.
Hi Jim,

Welcome to the RV Forum. Please look around the forum,  join in on any of the on going discussions, start new discussions, or ask questions. Thanks for joining us.
Hi Jim,

Welome to the forum. You certainly live in an historic area! Our son used to live in Newport News but now is in Stafford, VA. He's stationed in Norfolk. Hope you enjoy the forum. Be sure to look around and ask any questions you might have.
Welcome to  You've probably seen my handle on as well.

We have family in Hayes, VA, just across the river from you and usually stop there in both Spring and Fall as we travel from/to our Florida home base.
Hi Jim. Welcome to the Forum. Hope you get to scratch that itch soon.

29 Palms, California
Thanks for such a warm welcome, when any of you are traveling nearby please look us up ;)

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