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Mar 8, 2019
Hello, new members from Southern Oregon, Vince & Kathi Philby! We own a 2002 Holiday Rembler Endeavor, 38 ft. Getting ready to install a new 200 watt solar panel system on the roof to maintain our batteries. I?ve heard you can drop down the refrigerator vent but what if I switch to Propane, won?t that burn the wires? Do you go through the floor and through the compartment walls to reach the inverter and batteries? Would appreciate any advice. Thank you
Hi Vinnie, welcome to The RV Forum!

No, wires dropped though the refrigerator vent won't burn up if the fridge is running on propane.  It's a very small flame at the bottom of a long chimney so by the time the gases reach the top of the fridge they're cool enough not to worry about.
Welcome to the RV Forum  Vince & Kathi

You can find a lot of information regarding solar on this site. And of course you can always post questions as needed.
Welcome to the forum. Plenty of solar experts on this forum. Good luck with your project. Please keep us informed on your project progress.

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