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Aug 27, 2006
We are excited to begin our RV journey!  "We" are Brian & Marilea from Poulsbo WA and are purchasing a used Jayco Eagle class C, hopefully this week.  We had a travel trailer for 10 years and just sold it to upgrade to a C.  We plan to use it for the next 5-7 years until we are ready to really hit the road at retirement in a class A.  I've been reading many posts on this forum and have already learned much from the wisdom of those who have gone before.

Hi Brian & Marilea. Glad to hear you've gained some insight from other folks' posts here. Good luck with the purchase of the Jayco Eagle. DOn't forget to post a photo of the new rig.
Welcome to the RV Forum, Brian & Marilea :)
... and have already learned much from the wisdom of those who have gone before.
Gee, you make it sound like we're wearing granite headstones ;D Seriously, the Forum members have lots of years of combined knowledge, and are just itching to share so you don't repeat our past mistakes.

Have a great time with your new "C"!
Hi Brian & Marilea,

Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your "new" Class C. I'm sure you'll enjoy traveling in it. Be sure to ask any questions you might have.
Hi Brian and  Marilea,

Welcome to the RV Forum and congratulations on the class C.  Please look around the Forum, ask any questions you have, join in on any of the ongoing discussions, or start new discussions.  Thanks for joining us.

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