New Mexico best RV parks?

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Aug 30, 2006
We are looking to go to Santa Fe in 2 weeks and would like to know what parks you recommend. Also some good mexican restaurants.. If there are not any good parks here could you tell us the nearest ciity with one? I would also like to go to Trader
Joe's since we do't have them here in Texas.. Thanks.
We stayed a week last October at the Trailer Ranch in Santa Fe.  It is an urban park on a main highway very near town, so it makes it easy to get around.  Also if you want, the city bus line stops right in front of the park so you can catch the bus down to the plaza area.

It is an older park but very clean and well maintained.  The spaces are tight but we enjoyed it and would stay there again.  Check out  We also have some pictures on our website

Hope this helps!  Have fun!
Have not yet stayed in New Mexico parks other than a very nice escapee park, but I can tell you that the very best Mexican restaurant within United States boundaries is Gabriel's in Santa Fe.  Others here on the forum can attest to that as well.
We stayed at Santa Fe Skies from when it first opened. It is highly rated in Woodalls and we enjoy it very much. It isn't "in town", being out by the Interstate, but easy to get downtown from there. The park is clean, open, easy to get around, good sized spaces and the owners are very helpful. Highly recommended.
We stayed at Ranchos de Santa Fe. Just north (east) of town off I25. Its an old park, but fairly well kept. But it is not suitable for large rigs. We had a pull through -  just to get to the site we had to drive through a good part of the park on narrow twisty roads - its also required a three point 180deg turn. The site it self was dirt and narrow. While it might have been a pull through for small rigs - we had to back out of the site. Only good thing is that their free Wifi worked.

We looked at Trailer Ranch (in town) and Santa Fe Skies. Either would be better.

Santa Fe Skies has my vote... we stayed there last November.  Good location, clean, friendly, view of the mountains all around, one of the best places we did stay on our whole trip. Gail
Trailer Ranch on Cerillos Road was always our forum founder Ed Juge's Santa Fe place to stay. He liked it becausre it was in closeer to the plaza and museums than others as well as a decent place to be.

Gabriel's is 11 miles north of SF on 89/285 and just north of the south Cuyamungue exit on the east side frontage road. Th ehighway noth of Sf is new and the frontage roads ar eonly two years old. North of Pojoaque they are starting a two year project to make that stretch look like the previous. Going west up to Los Alamos annd the Bradbery museum in town is a must trip as well. Bandlier National Monyumet and it's eastern site just past the "Y" at the bottom of the hill are great stops as well.

We lived 1/4 mile down the hy on the west side above the Tesuque bosque and were at Gabrils the 2nd night it was open in the mid 90's. We've been with many wonderful RV Forum framily members there and even had a pre Abq Balloon Fiesta mini-rally one October. Be sure and order the table made guacamole! Both of the managers are friends and the black hauired one, Raul, needs to be told that the Maxwell's, now from Belen, are planning a trip up soon. At least a thiird of the wait staff is still there since the opening push. 
I'd add my vote for Santa Fe Skies, although I know people who stay at Trailer Ranch (and there's another park near there who's name I can't remember).  But if you have a big rig and/or need a pullthrough, Santa Fe Skies is great.  And it's easy to get downtown from there.  Trailer Ranch is on Cerillos Road which, if you're driving downtown, can be a nightmare with traffic.  Depending on the size of your rig, I would be careful about Rancheros de Santa Fe.  We have a 36' 5er and get pullthroughs wherever possible; we almost couldn't get out of what they advertise as a "pullthrough".  But it's quiet and a nice place otherwise.  South of town on Old Las Vegas Highway, so a bit farther out than others (Santa Fe Skies is on a major highway exit that will get you downtown quickly.)

Gabriels is great.  Also great are Pasqual's downtown and Tomasita's near the railyard.  Depending on what you like to eat and how much you want to spend, there are a number of places that have good Mexican food. :)
Thank you everyone. We are now in Amarillo for a few days and then we are headed to New Mexico.. We have decided to stay at Santa Fe Skies because of the great reviews and because we have a large 5'er... I appeciate all of the responses. Happy camping !! :)
Careful in Amarillo, That's where the Boss was left and I had to return? to get her.? One of thewse days the eyes will heel,? I hope.
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