New Mexico in December

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Sep 14, 2005
Lakeland, TN
Hello all. The wife and I are brand new to Rv'ing (first RV bought Memorial Day '05) and need some input. We have taken a few warm weather trips over the summer (had a ball) but are interested in Santa Fe or Taos NM in December. We enjoy snow skiing and want to take a winter trip but need some suggestions, pointers, opinions, etc on cold weather camping. Is it practical? Safe? We have a 40' Phaeton diesel FYI which may be a factor in any suggestions. Thanks yall.

Hi Joe,

Welcome to the forum! The dealership where I work part time sells the Phaeton and that 40' is quite a machine!

Simple answer, yes, winter camping is practical. We have some members that do it. You will have to keep the heat on at all times so things won't freeze. I assume you have thermopane windows tho not all Allegros do. That will help with interior condensation. You will get condensation on the windshield and windows and door up front. Be prepared to remove that each day. You most likely will have to run off your fresh water tank and only hook up to the dump station when you are ready to dump. Remember, if you have heat pumps, they do not heat the basement. In that climate they probably won't heat your coach much either! :)

I have never winter camped myself, we have a 40' American Dream, so I'll leave other suggestions to those that do. Just be extremely careful if there is snow on the roads!!!!!


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