New Mexico's Premier NWR's for birding

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Most are all familiar with Bosque del Apache:
and, if you're on Facebook, these are all the current pics:

if not, here I attached two of their best current ones.

There is a close RV Park between the Visitor's Center and San Antonio's great Green Chile Cheeseburger places:
Bosque Birdwatcher's RV Park:

NM has two new ones, the first urban NWR in Abq, and one NW of Las Vegas near Mora:

Here's a clip of each:
to see Valle de Oro NWR video:
to see Rio Mora NWR video:

And bookmark this for winter southwestern action:
It's everywhere!

For the sleeper ;) I recommend, Sevilleta:

An RV Park just N of Sevilleta at the Bernado exit is the Kiva:
Take US 60 E of I-25 and immediately turn north on NM 116 and in about 1.5m you'll find a wildlife preserve managed by Sevilleta where last year I saw more Canada snow geese than BdA! TomS, these Sevilleta locations also are a photographers paradise.

?Maybe we oughta have a mini-rally next month? :p



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I am planning on going to Bosque del Apache next month for one week. There are approximately 150,000 birds at BdA around Thanksgiving. It is one of the premier birding spots in all North America.

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