New Motor home on TV

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Howard Blake

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Jul 1, 2012
Danville, il
I was watching extreme Motor homes a few weeks ago and saw one the will go from land to water and it was a full size RV. I would not mind having one just to mess with people. They did say a few times the police and such were called because they thought the driver made a mistake and went into the water.

I am sure doing that would get old after awhile but what fun you would have messing with other campers heads taking it into the even has a diving dock on the back,
The first time I saw something like this was in the mid 80's. I was retrieving a small boat at a launch ramp, along with a bunch of other folks. A 'houseboat' approached by water, with the captain honking the horn and waving to people to get out of the way. Several folks moved over, and he proceeded to drive up the ramp and on to the highway.
That houseboat sounds like a converted Duck,  There have been many land/sea vehicles over the  years.  The Duck was in use back in WWII as I recall.  Someone in Battle Creek, MI had one parked in front of his house for a while. thus I've seen them.

The Terra Wind uses a different method of doing the land/sea bit.. And check out the Terra Spider, that is the logical towed for the Wind.
That houseboat sounds like a converted Duck...

Not a converted duck; We have a number of those on our surrounding waterways, so I'm familiar with what they look like. I put 'houseboat' in quotes because that's what I thought it was at first sight. But, when it came out of the water, it looked like a regular class A motorhome of that era. It didn't stick around long enough for me to investigate further.

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