New RV'er....finally!

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Apr 29, 2005
What a great website!? I've already had some of my questions "answered".
My husband and I just bought our first motorhome and we are having so much fun.?
We were going to wait until we were closer to retirement to buy one but
we decided that since we are both sick of the big city life and because we
cannot quit our jobs, it made more sense to buy one now.? Our thought is that we
can travel 10 miles or 1000 miles and as long as it gets us "away" it will be perfect!!
I'm so glad I found this website and I will be back with alot of questions I'm sure.
Happy to be part of the "club" !! ;D
Welcome to our friendly forum. Glad you found us, and that you found some useful information here.

Sounds like you've taken the first step to the RV'ing lifestyle. Which motorhome did you buy?
We bought a used Thor Ambassador 310.  Low mileage and in great shape.
No horror stories if there are any, ok?  I'm big on denial !!
We are in the moment....
Lots of beautiful spots within a stones throw so that's a good thing. 
We will be taking our first out of state trip soon and we can hardly wait.
So many questions tomorrow...........
Must go now and fight the traffic!!

Hi and welcome to the RV Forum, the friendliest place in cyberspace  ;D.  We are happy to see you here and that you have already gotten useful information here.  Feel free to ask any RVing questions you may have or to jump into any thread with your comments. 

We hope that you get lots of enjoyment from your new (to you) Thor Ambassador 310.
Welcome to the RV Forum and congratulations on your new to ou Ambassador 310. ?Thanks for joining us. ?I'm sure you will enjoy the trips you make in your new rig.
Your opening post, Svenska, spoke to the idea that whether 10 miles from home or 1,000, you're away.

My wife and I, about a week ago, spent three days in our MH in a provincial campground that is 3 miles from our house.

It's a lovely spot, on the water (tidal, yet very much inland) and we just chilled out with books, music (and a camera for me) :).


I grew up with many Johnson's....and Olsens and Andersons and so on.
My maternal grandfather and grandmother both immigrated from through Ellis Island and one through Angel Island in the San Francisco Bay.
Now that's a thought..RVing through Sweden!  Grandpas house is still there.
Will be working on the interior of "Thor" this weekend.  Just want to make it mine.
Still have questions but I am suppose to be working!!
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