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Jul 2, 2006
Hi everyone!

Mike and Deb here, we are new to the world of RV'ing, and just wanted to say hi! And tell all about our first RV purchase.

I am a truck driver, own my own equipment and company, and have been trucking for 16 years all over the U.S. and Canada. Which led me to get an RV. I go to all sorts of places, but never get to "see" anything, if you know what I mean. The wife is always wanting to go with me, but things never seem to work out time wise, so she stays at home, as she works also.

I was out in Iowa a few months ago, and saw a brand new Jayco Seneca 35'r diesel. Well, that was the beginning of my RV pursuit. I got home that weekend and told the wife we are getting an RV. We looked at the class A's, C's and B's. Our local dealer has the Jayco line, we looked at the Seneca, which I thought I really liked. Well, neither of us really cared for it for various reasons after checking it out. We hit various dealers in our area, but nothing really caught our eye, and we do have budget. I also know all about the maintenance costs associated with big vehicles, and that did play into our budget/purchase considerations.

We had to remind ourselves of why we wanted to purchase an RV. I already "live" on the road in a huge rig. So I wanted something that could go off on a two lane or dirt road to see what is out there. Or hit that goofy looking tourist trap that I have passed a hundred times. And Deb did not like the upper bunk overhang of a class C. So we looked at the class B's and the larger C/B+ units. The B's were to small for us, and I did not care for the sprinter chassis, or the price to what you get ratio. So, off to the C/B+ units. We looked at the Lexingtons, they were nice, but something did not feel right about them. Don't ask me why, just did not like them other then one particular floorplan with a rear kitchen. But the unit had the smaller Chevy chassis, and did not meet my weight to power ratio. I would have been near capacity with the toad, if not over.

Well, I found a vehicle that fit the bill, the Coachmen Concord 235SO. It has the towing and weight capacities, and is small enough on the outside to do what we want. We went to a local dealer, who had an 06, and test drove it. It fit the bill, this is what we wanted. Lot's of power on a 24 foot 20,000lb chassis, and would easily tow Deb's Jeep Liberty. And there is plenty of room on the inside for both of us and our little sheltie, aka "Baby". But, and this is a BIG but. I did not like the sleeping and dining arrangements. A jack knife sofa and a dinette are not what I would call comfortable. So, I called our "other" local coachmen dealer, Kline's RV, and Carl Kline informed me that the new 2007's have a sofa hide a bed and 2 leather euro recliners with a fold up table. That is exactly what we wanted! Coachmen listened to its customers, as this was the only complaint I had read of regarding the Concord 235SO. I told Carl, SOLD!

Yesterday, the wife and I went out and ordered one. It has a September build date, and we should have it by October 1st. We loaded it up with every option available including the sat. There are some cool new features on the 2007 models that really sealed the deal.

Deb is already planning our first big outing to Florida. She wants to hit the gulf side and finish up in the Keys. We will be heading out at the end of December. I wonder if we can even get a spot in a CG, have to start working the phones asap.

Mike and Deb

Hi Mike and Deb. Welcome to our forum.

Congratulations on the soon-to-be new Cpachman. It sounds like you did your research and found the ideal RV for you. All too often folks fall in love with the first RV they see (without doing the research) and later find out it wasn't what they really wanted.
Hi Tom!

And thanks for the welcome!

And I, not we, did fall in love with the first RV I saw, and the second, third etc...

I really had to do some thinking, this was not an easy decision to make. But it sure was fun hunting for what will hopefully be an RV that will give the wife and I years of fun and good times!

Mike and Deb

Be sure to snap a photo for us when it arrives. Also be sure to keep us updated on your exciting trips.
Mike, there are several campgrounds in that area so finding a spot should be possible, Be prepared for some sticker shock.  And you know about Flying J's I'm sure,  Your frequent fueler card is a real money saver there!!!!!!

I'm not familure with your rig, is it a Class A?  Gas or Disel? 

And welcome to the forum, Fell free to ask questions, we love questions (really)

And let me ask a quesiton.. In your travels have you ever happened on a little town called Quartzsite, it's in Arzonia on I-10 and if you go there right now you will see miles and miles of miles and miles  but if you happen there in late January you may have a hard time finding parking cause all those miles of miles turn into RVs rather quickly.

Let us know and well make room for you  Park near the members of this forum and you can even get your E-mail!!!!! high speed
Hi Mike and Deb,

Welcome to the RV Forum and congratulations on your new RV.  Should you have any questions please post them here and we will try to provide tha answers.  Also welcome to the RV world.
localnet said:
it sure was fun hunting for what will hopefully be an RV that will give the wife and I years of fun and good times!

Mike and Deb

Welcome Mike and Deb,

Enjoy that new RV once you get it. RVing is the best. And the hunt for that 'perfect' RV is at least half the fun!!

Thanks for the warm welcome!

John, I have been to quartzsite and I have seen the RV's! They really do go for miles and miles.

And our new rig is a little Coachmen Concord 235SO, a B+/C. I am not really sure which category it falls into, as I have seen it in both. It is a gasser with one slide. Just the right size for us and our little sheltie.

Mike and Deb
Did a quick web search, Nice rig, the one I looked at was built on a FORD chassis, but I don't know if that applies to all of them

Can we expect you at Quartzsite?  (Since you have been there)  Yes, the main street, you made better time on foot come January

Ford chassis, that is all that is available on the Concords. Hopefully it will stay together ;)

I have been in one to many ford plants, and I really am a bit nervous about the Ford drive train. We shall keep our fingers crossed and hope we got a mid week build, a week without a holiday, or before the nooner beer, narcotics break. :eek:

I could tell a few stories!

As far as Quartzsite, I don't know if you will see us there this year, but I am sure we will be headed that way. I usually get through there a few times a year in the truck. I'll let you know when I am heading that way.

Well.. I can't speak for the others, but I'd have no problem with you dropping by in either rig. (My brother often passes through town (Detroit) at about 160,000 lbs)

I suspect a few folks would speak as you do about Chevy's.  Me. I've driven both and prefer something starting with a "Ch" (Chev or Chry)

Welcome to the forum,  May the roads be smooth and free of obstructions
Hey John,

It would be kinda cool to swing on in in the Volvo.  It is almost an RV, just no facilities!

As far as the "F" part, I would rather have a "C". I wish that Chrysler would offer a rolling 3500 chassis with the Cummins, now I could live with that. They just have to beef that auto tranny, been there, done that.

But, I have had trouble with all my vehicles except for the Toyotas, they ran forever. The Fords I owned were the worst, 60,000 miles and they grenade. Last one cost me $50 to have it taken away. We are now a Chrysler household, no real problems to speak of. And I am sure that things will be fine with the Ford chassis, it seems to be a proven platform on the RV's.

Well, if you decide to drop in give us a shout, we can give directions of GPS cord's

Last year I got there late Tuesday (After dark) made sure wife and passenger heard me read the sign where we turn off the road into the BLM land.  Set the GPS to the driver's seat of the Motor home and set up,  Got up before the sun and headed to Pheonix Sky Harber for a quick hop back to Detroit.

Now, understand they have a GPS, it points to the motor home and tells you too the foot how far away it is.

I'm half way up Middlebelt road from the airport toward Livonia mall where I"ll transfer bus to get home and the cell phone rings

They are lost

(I was able to figure it out and get them back to the rig)
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