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Mar 4, 2005
Our coach "Dynasty" is 5 1/2 years old with 62.000 miles. I don't feel comfortable adding another 3000 miles going to Moab on the present original tires.
So the choice is "New tires" or "New coach". We have heard often that people buy new tires and shortly after that buy a new coach. We try not to make that mistake.
Or oldest son is using the coach from time to time and is afraid if we buy new that we will not allow him to use it any more although he has used the present coach since new and he takes good care of it. The other 2 kids may be concerned about their inheritance although we would not buy a "prevost".

So the answer most likely will be NEW TIRES.

We are looking at the new Goodyears RV 670. 2.95 x 80 x 22.5
I would prefer to purchase them in Oregon avoiding the California sales tax. But time and the price of diesel will not allow us to do this before we are going to Moab.

I called several Goodyear dealers, most are not familiar with the RV 670's and I get all kind of different prices and few return calls. So far the best deal  is in Oregon approx $ 550. less ( 6 tires) than in CA. That difference would be consumed by driving to OR. because milage and diesel prices. So I am trying to locate a local supplier or one on our way to Moab.

Getting to the "tech Talk" part of this message my questions are:
Do I need to balance all 6 wheels or only the ones on the steering axle. ? My outer wheels are Alcoa's and the rear inner steel.
Should I have them balanced mechanical or use equal. ?
Most tire dealers do not have facilities for alignment and it is a problem to find a place which will provide both.
On my present tires i changed the flexible steel valve extenders to solid ones since I was loosing air in one of the rear inner tires (15 lbs. a week),
however the air leak is still there. Should I have solid or flexible valve steel extenders. The movement of the flexible extenders did rub into the Alcoa's. When I changes to the solid extenders I installed the stabilizers to prevent this although this rubbing will not happen with the solid ones.
I would appreciate any advice including recommendations for tire pressure monitoring systems.

Several places will give a trade in for the old tires to be determined after inspection.

Thanks Chris,

P.S On the next Q-zite rally if you see new tires on our present coach or do not recognize the old coach you now why. :)
Hi Chris,

I think only you guys can decide whether to buy the new tires with coach attached or to buy new tires and attach them to your present coach.

Les Schwab is a good outfit to buy tires from.

I would recommend haveing Equal intalled in all six tires.  Make sure the proper valve cores, with filter, are installed with Equal.
I do not like extenders of any kind and do not use them.  With a piece of fuel hose and a gage with the proper chuck you don't need extenders.  Fuel line approx 6 inches long to remove the valve caps works fine.

Unless you have reason to believe alignment is necessary I would put that off till convient at a known qualified facility.

Looking forward to seeing you in Moab.
Cris:  We paid a total of $384 each for G670RV but our size is 275/70R33.5 H range.  That included spinning the tire, new valve stems and the scrap disposal fee.  I really like them comparied to the Micheins<sp>.  Take a much greater load at less air pressure.  The side walls don't flex as much and I seem to have a straigher ride in wind.

Hi Chris,

Yes, it is fairly common for forum folks to buy new tires and then trade. We will be facing the same problem next year but the only answer for us is new tires. ;D I also expect to go with the new Goodyear 670. I have spoken with two framily that made the change and they are very happy with the new tires.

If you use Equal be sure to change the valve stems to the proper style. Apparently the regular stems will get clogged with the Equal.


We put the G670RV tires on our steering axle last year and will be putting them on the rear axle when the time comes to replace those tires.  Keep calling the Goodyear dealers (most are now Wingfoot BTW) and find one that sells to motor homes.  I would also recommend Equal, we've used it in our tires for years and have no problems.  Keep the solid metal valve stems but do be sure they replace the valve cores with the special cores from the Equal people.

For comparison, we paid $294/each for G670RV in the 275/70R22.5 size last year.  We got ours from Wingfoot in Phoenix and they installed them at the Freightliner Oasis service center in Phoenix.
Chris, when I replaced all 6 of my tires a couple of years back, I had the glass beads (don't think it is the same thing as equal...similar, but different  ::)) put in all 6 and for the first time since I purchased the coach, it road smoothly. Since it was my first motorhome, I thought it was SUPPOSED to ride like a big truck  :-\.  Even with the filter valve stems, sometimes a bead will make its way past the filter and clog the schrader valve when checking air pressure. Doesn't happen often, but when it does, you can loose a lot of air in a hurry. I can take out a clogged valve and put a new one in in less than 20 seconds now, but you still have to add air....

And yes, I would do it again to keep the smooth ride.

David Derway

I would recommend going to Oregon to Les Schwab's in Junction City, buy tires from them & have the SmarTire system installed in your MH & cars tires. I would then go to Kaiser Alignment in Eugene, have it aligned & have your front tires spun & trued while on the vehicle. I would not worry about having your rear tires balanced.

Of course this will cost you about as much as a small RV...but if you want the best<G>

At Yuma, AZ happy to help spend others peoples money.
Hi Ron,

Called Les Schwab today. They are only 35 miles from my home. They quoted me within 2 minutes, called me back in 5 minutes about the availabilty. I placed the order and they will install them by the end of next week. Everything including balancing 6 wheels with equal for $2630.00 and in addition will gave me $ 45-50.- each for my old tires. So that will be net $ 393.00 per tire.
They guaranteed me that they will be all new and fresh with the same recent manufacturing date.
I will still use the solid vaild extenders on the rear inner wheels.
Thanks and see you in Moab
Hi Fred,

I placed the order for the new tires today and you can admire them in Moab. With my old tires I only had a problem with a straight drive in wind after happy hour. <G>
Say hello to Daisy and till Moab.


I called several of the Wingfoot tire facilities. Was not impressed with their responce in addition they had only 4 tires in stock spread out over several facilities and most likely with all different manufacturing dates. Got a much better deal at less Schwab.  Could have safe more money if I would have had time to go to Oregon but that would have added considerable mileage on our way to Moab.
Thanks, hello to Lorna and till Moab.
Hi Jim,

Thanks for the advice on the tires. We really appreciated your visit with Pat, Tom and Chris to our Sugar Barge rally in the Deltas.
How are things proceeding on your new cabinet at Davis ? Are you applying for a patent ?
Hello to Pat and till Moab.


Glad you were able to get the tires close by without going many miles out of your way . ?I am sure you will appreciate your experience with Equal installed.  Sam & I are looking forward to seeing you in Moab.

Hi Terry,

There is no time to go to Oregon on our way to Moab. Got a good deal at Les Schwab in Livermore and only suffer from paying the sales tax but without me paying tax Arnold S. would not survive his lifestyle <G>
I will call Les Schwab tomorrow about the smart pressure monitors but doubt if there will be time to order and install when we get the new tires by the end of next week. So it probably has to wait till our next new coach and by that time it will be a law in 2008 that al cars including SUV's up till 10.000 lbs. need to be equiped with tire sensors.
Hello to Betty , I enjoyed her reports on Mexico and till Moab.


Where in Livermore is Les Schwab? We lived there for 14 years and I had no idea they had an outlet there.


Schwab is a good chain and you got a decent price on the tires. ?Make sure they're clean when you get to Moab as there will be an inspection :)
Hi Tom,

Les Schwab is located at 2650 La Positas Rd. Livermore. 925-245-9955.
Go to their web site and it will give you a locator map.
Enjoyed the visit of the Jones, Dicks and Robert to our camp site at Bethel Island.
Was trying to get in touch with you Fridays but cell phone and internet reception was not possible, in addition we had some urgent family matters to take care of since our son was in an accident and got three degree burns over his leg and feet. Everything is fine now. I will save the Guiness for Moab.
By the way thanks for the Newbie Star :)
Hello to Chris.

I'm really sorry to hear about your son's accident. Sounds quite bad. Hope he'll be OK.

We really enjoyed our visit with you and Mimi, and the grandkids were just wonderful. Your grandson told me that grandpa is an OK guy.

Cell phones and the Delta are a bit of an oxymoron. We've boated, RV'd, or lived on the delta for over 20 years, and always had problems. There's a cell tower less than half a mile from the house, but I haven't found a carrier that works here, with the possible exception of Nextel.

Found the Les Schwab web site. Took a while to find their store locations - they were on the "employment" page  :) Looks like they have a store in Brentwood also, closest to Discovery Bay. Everyone raves about the 670 tires, so I might change the front ones.

You get the Newbie star for finally posting after years of lurking  :) Post some more and you'll get promoted.

Take care.
chrpennings said:
So it probably has to wait till our next new coach and by that time it will be a law in 2008 that al cars including SUV's up till 10.000 lbs. need to be equiped with tire sensors.


The law for cars only requires some warning device in the car. The devices announced, and ones that are on cars now, will not tell you which tire is low or how low. But the most important thing is that the devices give you no warning in the coach of a low tire pressure situation. Doesn't do you any good if a warning buzzer is going off in the car while you are towing it. ;) Also the law doesn't apply to trucks, which include motor homes, so your coach will still not have any protection as well.

Congrats on the new tires, so what new coach are you buying ;D ;D ;D
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