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Dec 23, 2012
Montana in Summer - S CA this winter
I am a full time liveaboard RVer and discovered this forum after dealing with a problem and decided to join and get and offer some advice from time to time.

I work my summers in Alaska and spend the winters in my RV in the lower 48, generally where it is warmer. I am in a very small 19 foot 5th wheel with a 1/2 ton Ford F-150.

Currently I am in Moab Utah and will be for the better part of the winter.

Hi Jim and welcome to The RV Forum.

As you have already learned we enjoy helping other.  We look forward to your jumping in to help too.  Thanks!

But........................ The RV Forum is far more than just the Shell Answer Man for RVers!  It is a great social network where you can easily make friends with others who are passionate about RVing.  Join our discussions and you will soon have many new RV Buds.

Welcome aboard!
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