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Jul 19, 2006
Hi everybody

This is my first time in a rv forum and would like some information about towing.
I've towed on a dolly before but am interested in using a tow bar instead. But I've heard different things about engine idling to make tracking better, but it isn't necessary. Only thing is to unlock the steering wheel. We'll be towing a 2003 Dodge Dakota 5 speed standard shift.
What is the correct way?

Generally speaking, a standard transmission car can be towed 4-down without any modifications. You need to take the gearbox out of gear and unlock the steering by leaving the key in the "'On" position. It is also generally not necessary (or even advised) to have the engine running. If a specific vehicle doesn't track well, chances are it needs a front-end alignment. Manufacturers recommendations should always be followed. The towing experts are found here RemcoTowing. Go to their site, click on the "Continue" button, and select your vehicle manufacturer; Dodge in your case. This will download an Excel file and show what is required for various models. There is a seperate page for Dakotas. If you have any questions, call them and they will be happy to answer them. 
We have a few articles in our library that you might find helpful. Click the Library button above, then select Towing and towables.

FWIW some vehicles do not require that the steering be unlocked for towing. The ones I specifically know of are Chevy Suburban, Tahoe and Envoy. I found this out by accident one day while talking to forum member Terry Brewer about his Envoy and extrapolating to our Suburban.
Welcome to the RV Forum.  I believe the Dakota can be towed 4 down but it is best to check your owners manual first since towing instruction may be found there. If towing instructions are not in the vehicle owners manual then  as Karl mentioned Remco is a good place to check to see if your vehicle can be towed and what is required to do so.

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