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Jul 23, 2019
Chandler, AZ
Hello y'all... a while ago I picked up a strange little bumper pull creation by Trailmanor from a buddy.

He called me out of the blue one day and asked
Bud: Are you still looking for an RV...
ME: I was, but not actively; what has he seen?
Bud: My RV; we need to get rid of it, we don't use it.
ME: Sure! I am interested... how much you want for it?
Bud: It needs new tires, battery, and cleaned up.
ME: Not too bad; how much you looking to get?
Bud: That's it; just come with tires and take it away.
ME: Sweet! I'll be there in a couple days.

The next day
my Buddy calls me back...
Bud: The Bees and the Rat are free... LOL
ME: Wow... gee thanks, I am still coming to get it.
Bud: I put some bee repellant spray down where they were active... will try to get rat.

The following day
Buddy call me again...
Bud: Got the rat; but the inside is in bad shape.
ME: Kewl; I'll be there tomorrow.

Went to his house and he handed me the title and went over how to open up the RV.

Now the work started...
it has been a couple years since that adventure; sorry IBTripping - no pic of rat; i had one, ill look for it ;)

since then all fabric was removed from the RV, this included the couch and chair
found the bee hive under the shower basin - removed shower and cleaned out the bee home
bleached entire RV inside using a weed sprayer
wiped all the walls with cleaner to remove the bleach
- re-wired main breaker area since there were chewed wires and honey over everything.
- new padding and upholstery was put in, new carpet padding, and carpet installed.
started closing up all the holes the rat made in the seals.

Last year we took the RV for its maiden voyage... a one nighter in Prescott valley - boondocking.

it did well and we were happy with it.

spent some time and $ on the water system; found a few leaks that were able to be fixed.
bought a battery (yea first time out was with no battery)
installed a new heater - old one was not working.

took RV out again, this time a few nighter - heater worked, lights worked (most of them) and no leak --- it rained a day and a night.

next outing took water in the tank and a genny - the toilet (re-circulator) works... things are going well

after a few more outtings our latest one took us on some dusty roads... when we finally got to our campsite I was able to scrape the dust off the counters into my hands and toss it out of the RV.

DW decided it is time to upgrade to a more sealed unit... the hunt begins.
Good luck finding another RV that fits your budget and needs. Probably can't beat the price you paid on the current one.  ;)

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