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Jul 18, 2013
just purchased a 95 Dolphin Diesel Just reg. and already need help. two things , need a copy of the Oshkosh chassis manual and the coach manual 1995 Dolphin 34D  B 5.9 -230. Cummins
one problem is when I turn the key on the engine water temp pegs to the left and pretty much stays there . the seat elect switch moves the seat opposite the direction requested. the same with the electric mirrors ,any Ideal out there , seems to me something was plug in backwards!!
other than that runs good. I will pay good if someone will make a copy of their manuals.
jack pegram
[email protected]
old pigboat sailor
Jack Freightliner owns the rights to the Oshkosh chassis so you might try them as a source fora chassis manual.

That's Freightliner Custom Chassis - call Customer Service and have the last six digits of your chassis VIN handy.

The coach manual for a Dolphin is rarely very helpful and probably impossible to find anyway. Ebay is your best bet. What you can probably get are the individual manuals for the various appliances, a/c, furnace, water heater, etc. That's what came with the coach anyway, in addition to a rather slim and generic owner manual that covered all Dolphin models and at a very high level. Nothing at all like what comes with a car in most cases.
Jack, Welcome... what boat were you on?

I was on Quilback (424) for three years, '66 - '69.
sorry its been a long thim getting back,
SS 346 US Corporal 61-64 then SSN 584 ,SSN596 then out of the Navy 1970 and in the Army til 1984 for some fun flying.

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