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Dec 28, 2012
Found a fix to a long time issue on my 95 Tioga, split washers spread apart and pushed in the door hinges where the aluminum had worn and the door was very hard to close.  Thanks to Bob Flight for that tip!    Man, that was a neat easy and "free" fix!  Been on for years but was lurking around and found a link to this fix on this site. So, of course I registered. Hope I can contribute if possible.  We typicall dry camp in the Mojave Desert so I am constantly banging my RV around and fixing things due to miles of dirt roads.

95 Tioga Class C  27 ft.
14 ft box trailer full for new years eve Desert trip.
(CRF 450R, XR650R, TTR 125, DRZ 110, 4X rancher Quad, Estes rockets, lots of nice fireworks from Missouri that I couldn't pass up!, tons of firewood, fuel, food, bbq, Water Jugs cause the tioga fresh water tank is a joke,          etc.....)

Yeah, it's a tight squeeze, and that 460 sure does work hard going up Cajon Pass!

Mechanical Engineer,  Former moldmaker/machinist
Have a full machine shop at home, bridgeport mill - Leblond lathe - surface grinder - 3 axis CNC - and all the tooling I could ever need.
Built lots of little parts for my RV (and everything else I own it seems).

Happy New Year to all!

Edit: Added link.


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