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Jul 22, 2005
Hello all!  We've had our 26' Winnebago Minnie for 10 mos. now and are really enjoying it.  My husband, daughter and I use it to camp from time to time and I use it to go to dog trials/shows with our canine crew.  My question in regarding tunnels.  Are there any problems going through tunnels with propane?  I did a search and saw that some tunnels (specifically the ones under water, etc.) state that tanks must be turned off to go through tunnels.  I'm driving through Mobile, AL next week en route to a show and wanted to know proper tunnel procedure.  All signs say that hazardous cargo is prohibited, but the last time I was there I noticed lots of RVs going through the tunnel and none taking the detour. 

Thanks for any help and I'm glad to have found this forum!  RVing has already been loads of fun!

There will be signs posted at the entrance to the tunnel telling you of any restrictions.  Only a few tunnels prohibit propane tanks completely, mostly in the NY area.  At most, you will have to turn off the propane at the tank before entering the tunnel.
Hi Laura,

We have traversed the Mobile tunnel on several occasions and have never turned off the propane. Have not seen any signs indicating we should. If you ever travel through Baltimore, DO NOT use the tunnels. You will have to use the Francis Scott Key bridge or I695 around the north end. I believe it's a $1K fine for going through the tunnel with propane, on or off! Around Norfolk, VA you must turn off the propane at the tank. At the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel they will ask you if it is off. At Hampton Roads they will require you to pull off the highway and then ascertain if the tank is off.

I know there is a "Low Bridge" Book, that tells truckers (And us) when we should really take a higher route.

Is there a "No Propane" book for places that restrict propane?
We are getting ready to go thru the CBBT, propane off?? OK.? Hampton Roads, I don't think I'll be needing that one.? We go from Heathers in Va Beach to Florida.? Planning on getting there by the weekend of 13/14.? Gives us a chance to poke around a bit.

Been over the Key Bridge, I missed my exit sign, realized it and managed to get off before ther tunnel, fortunately was right near another road that lead me back to 695 without having to backtrack much.

No tunnels on the way to Podunk.

Oh, our new pic is Koda with his motorcycling goggles on.
Thanks, everyone, for the information!  My daughter is going to be one happy 3 year old going through her first tunnel next Wednesday....with 5 dogs along for the ride.


I thought Rand McNally had some info but I don't see it. I don't know of any source but one could always contact the state highway authorities and ask the question.


Yes, turn off the propane before you get to the toll booth. They have a new parking area on the east side of Rt. 13. you could also pull into the motel that is just before the booth.  I miss that route as we always went that way to visit our son when he was stationed in Norfolk and lived in Chesapeake. Will be doing it later this month as his new ship is in Norfolk.

When are you available for dinner or??? It's still slow at work but I've been getting some days. We can plan around them I'm sure.

This week!  In fact, if you and Pat can come M, T, W nights I'll cook here, you can be the last guests on the dining room set.  It is getting picked up on Th or Fr.  OR, we can go to the Irish Pub just down the block. 

My son in law is also at Norfolk, on the Shrevesport.  He isn't too happy with the ship, maybe you could poull a string and transfer him to your son's ship?  Nah, guess that doesn't happen. 

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