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Feb 7, 2006

I am new to this form an my husband and I are currently owners of a 2004 Georgie Boy Pursuit and also the owners of a 2005 GMC 2500 HD Duromax Diesel.? We are seriously considering unloading the motorhome and purchasing a 5th Wheel, being from Canada where we have a season from Mid May to Mid October at best we just feel that it would be a practical thing to do.? I have posted a question of the 5th Wheel trailer forum about what size a 5th wheel we would be a good one to safely tow behind our truck, if any of you can be of assistance that would be great.


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Welcome to the RV Forum!  In what part of our Country are you located? 

A link to your query in Fifth Wheels has been added to your posting abve to help direct replies about appropriate equipment.

Glad you joined the RV Forum, keep us posted on developments.

Thanks for the welcome gentlemen.  I am not only new to this forum but new to any forum so you may find my goofs elsewhere....

Cdn Steve, I replied to your question in the other "thread" (is that what you call it???) under 5th wheels but in any event we are from eastern Ontario.

I have gotten responses and am rather enjoying this....

Thanks again
My summer home base is also in Eastern Ontario, near the Nation's Capital!  Glad you are enjoying the Forum and feel free to let us know if you need any help with Forum navigation. 

Cdn Steve,

We are neighbours as we too live in the Nation's Capital in the rural part and yes both Govey's.
Let's keep in touch and put a note in your calendar to drop me a note here on the Forum in late April when we return from our snowbird retreat.  Perhaps we can meet for an eyeball meeting.  Another couple living in Orleans is our next door neighbor here in Central Florida...all dedicated RV travellers.

Looking forward to hearing from you! 8)
We know a couple who spend their winter in Florida from Orleans, would his name be Larry?
No I have not come across someone named Larry in our area.  When the Snowbirds put on one of their recruiting extravaganza's we are always surprised at the number of people from each area of Eastern Canada we meet.  Also the number of license plates from Ontario on the roads in Florida is remarkable!
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