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Jan 23, 2006
We are Roger & Lila Thode.  Roger (58) retired early because of disability and Lila (53) is a wonderful mate and homemaker.  We sold our house in western WA in 1994 and have been following the sun for the past 11+ years.  We are set up for dry camping and hardly ever use parks, preferring to use the vast public lands in the west.  We converted a bus and set it up with large tanks and solar power (over 1000 watts).  We have Internet and TV by Satellite and most of the rest of the modern conveniences.  We roam back and forth from WA (11 grandkids there) and AZ trying to take different paths but that is becoming difficult as we have used most of them and now find that we have some favorite stopping places.
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Lila n I
Welcome to the RV Forum Roger & Lila!  Sounds like the beginning of a wonderful adventure.  Would you attach a photo of your bus conversion to a reply message (using the Options) at the bottom left of the message composition window.

Your experience with bus conversions will be an asset to your Forum, so hope you'll make this a regular part of your online activities.

Lila & Roger,

Welcome to the RV Forum.  Glad you found us.  Please join in on any of the ongoing discussions, or start new discussions.  Looking forward to your participation here. 


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