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Oct 7, 2012
Hi Everyone,

I'm interested in purchasing an RV to live in full time and would love to get some guidance on the best Class A RV for my buck. My price range is 15-25K.
In that price range you are looking at older coaches, so condition and state of maintenance is more important than brand. Have you looked yet at a variety of sizes, floor plans, and amenities to build a set of parameters for your shopping?  You will soon be overwhelmed if you don't develop a list of "must have" and "want" (and aslo "don't want") attributes.
thanks for your reply Gary,

I was looking at 1995-2000 Southwind's, Bounders and such. My must haves are mainly AC and heat for year round use. Something mechanically sound that will not need thousands of dollars to fix upon purchase.  A short list would be something like

-a/c and heat
-Bed (twin- queen)
-cooking place that uses propane or electric
-fridge/freezer (freezer isn't necessary)
-hardwood would be nice, but carpet would be just fine
-ladder on the back so I can hit golf balls off the roof

I am a guy in his late 20's serving in the military constantly moving, so having something reliable and comfortable would be great.

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