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Jul 28, 2013
Hi my name is Lindsay and we have just purchased our 1st 5th wheel.  only problem owners manual.. we have a 1988 Alpenlite dl...does anyone know where i can find an owner's manual?
Many (most?) RV owners manuals are rather generic and are short on detail. Most folks find the manuals for individual appliance and systems of more help. Click the Resources button above and scroll down to Owners/user manuals and service/repair manuals.
As Tom mentioned, model-specific manuals don't really give you much information.  They are nice to have but not all that crucial.  The major components of your RV (fridge, microwave, generator if you have one, electric steps if you have those, furnace, etc.) would have all come with their own manuals.  The good news is that those "innards" are commonly used throughout the RV industry, further reducing your need for the original "model" manual.  RV's often become orphaned after a few years, i.e. that model is no longer made... so a manual for a 1998 may be hard to track down.

Got any specific questions that you were seeking the manual for?  I guarantee those (the questions) can be answered here, with or without the paperwork.  ;)
I use manuals like I use those "how-to-put-it-together" instuctions. Only after everything else has failed.
Hi.. I just bought the same model, did you ever find a manual?  Thanks.
This topic is over 5 years old, so chances of a helpful reply are slim.  As are chances of finding an 1988 Alpenlite manual.

Perhaps if you asked a more specific question, we might be able to help you with your RV.
I would suggest looking up manuals for the different items...Fridge, Stove and such. And of course don't be afraid to ask questions we were all new at some point.

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