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Jul 21, 2005
I started with a pop up about 12 years ago.....bought a class c winnebago/Itasca  sundancer 4 years ago.....will be picking up my new Winnebago/Itasca Suncruiser class A in 9 days. 

I feel like a 6 year old on December 16th!  :D 

I will be searching the forum for all types of advice.  My goal is to make my family comfortale and happy and not make any stupid mistakes.

43 year old with a wonderful wife who lets me buy these big toys and three wonderful children boys: 14 and 13  Girl 10

Welcome to our forum and congratulations on your new purchase. I agree, it is exciting  ;D

Feel free to browse around, join in the discussions and ask any questions.
Welcome to the RV Forum.  We are glad you found us.  Please join in the ongoing discussions, start new discussions, or ask any questions you might have relating to the RVing lifestyle. 
Congratulations on the new Winnebago.
tomingrassia said:
43 year old with a wonderful wife who lets me buy these big toys and three wonderful children boys: 14 and 13  Girl 10

Trying to organize in the next year a rally for those with kids.  Which state do you currently reside in?
See <a href="">RV Family Trips</a> thread.


tomingrassia said:
I will be searching the forum for all types of advice.? My goal is to make my family comfortable and happy and not make any stupid mistakes.

Ya know, those "stupid mistakes"  make wonderful memories and even better stories.  We hope that  the sharing here on this forum will make the stupid mistakes belong to other people and not to us.  But if the inevitable dumb thing happens,  we like to share in the lessons learned on how not to do it again.  Welcome to the forum.

Betty Brewer
The following is a delivery checklist that I developed when I was taking delivery of a new MH.  While some of the items will not be applicable to your new MH many others will.  How this helps.


Delivery Checklist for Monaco Executive 40DS
Customer: FitzGerald - Color: Blue


Get tow car lights connected to the MH.  Does the air line fit?

Rewire fog lights to be daylight driving lights.

Factory manuals:  stove, microwave, refrigerator, washer/dryer, generator, Cummins ISM 500, Allison MH4000, Aqua Hot, A/Cs, GoodYear Marathon tires, 3000 watt inverter, DSS Satellite, AGM batteries, two Radio/CD players, VCR, DVD, back-up camera, two TVs, surround sound, CB, Trip Tek message center, solar panel, toilet.

Check all items on bill of sale.

Do we get 2 new jackets???  What about the Cummins ISM jacket?

Four yards of Duncan Chambray fabric and a box full of towel bars, etc.

Get a BOX of tile and some grout.  Get grout sealer too/

Get individual wheel weights from Jim Walls.

Drive it to test the Jake brake (is it targeted for 2nd gear?), acceleration, braking (run static brake test first), turning, observe gauges, wheel alignment (does it pull to the left or right), tag axle operation, unusual noises, vibration, flapping awnings, and so forth.


Executive 2000 blue colors #200036, 200037, 200038.  Make sure the A/C covers match the light blue color.

Inspect roof:  Paint okay, one solar panel, through-the-air TV antenna, CB antenna, two cellular antennas, radio antenna, dual LNB on the satellite dish, sealant around through-the-roof items, A/C covers painted, refer vent cover painted.

Inspect underneath:  Is it undercoated okay?  Are there Bilstein shocks?  Look for loose wires.  Put aluminum cover around the air-leveling air pump, check for water in the 3 air tanks.  Try to see if it was lubed.

Check sealant around the outside of the windows.

Get a towing sticker to put near front door.

Two full width pass-through sliders, one in each bay.

3M Front Mask.  Look for bubbles and fit.  Does it go all the way down under the front bumper or stop short where lower paint could be damaged?

Check clear coat for flat spots (not polished), orange peel, and laps (runs).

Check for scrapes, dents, or scratches but be reasonable.

Three air connections:  One if you need to be towed in generator bay, one to fill tires, and one at the rear for the M&G tow brake system.

Are all exterior lights working?  Check turn signals, ICC lights, back-up lights, porch light, docking lights, check smart wheel, etc.

Do all exterior locks work (key and keyless remote)?

Do bay doors, engine door, generator door, front door, and screen door work okay?  Does removable portion of screen door work?  Check rubber seals around these items. Check alignment of the locks so they close properly.

Locate surge protector.

Do the fuel doors fall open because the locks do not fit correctly?  Do the fuel caps have lanyards to prevent loss?

Every window should have an awning.  Sky Blue fabric #4624 with Satin hardware.

Do all the awnings work okay?  Check their locking.

Topper awning on both slideouts with Carefrees over LR, Galley & BR windows.

Front door awning and Girard patio awning.  Does Girard fabric match the Carefrees?

Carefree awnings over LR/Dining, Bath, and Bedroom.

Check tanks:  Diesel, propane, fresh water, gray, and black.

Check windshield washer fluid.  Antifreeze?

Is power cord reel installed?  Is there a Quick Disconnect feature?

Does the audible back-up alarm work?

Do all the keys work (deadbolt, front door, bays, etc.)


Get the tire chart (inflation pressure vs weight) for the new Goodyear Marathon tires.

All tires the correct size.  Check the date on each tire.

Wet Hubs on front axles.  Is tag axle an oil bath axle?

Check for correct air pressure.

Are lug nuts torqued correctly (450 lb. ft.)?

Weigh all three axles and set the tag axle to its correct weight-carrying amount.

Check how to use the tag axle.  What is different about using it?  How does anti-locking affect it?

Aluminum wheels.

Mud flaps on all 4 wheels.  There will be a Monaco mud flap across the rear end.

Check Automatic Traction Control.

Front disc brakes, rear drum brakes, six-wheel anti-locking mechanism.


Check oil and antifreeze.

Run the Onan 10K generator.  Put a load on it.

Does slideout tray work okay?  Does it lock in place?  Can it be retracted manually?

Is the air-in valve here?


120v/12v/TV plugs.

Two folding chairs in Duncan Chambray fabric.

Do all bay lights work?  Where is the master switch?

Do all bay locks work?  Does lock remote work?

Where is the master bay lock switch?

Is it a 3000-watt inverter?

Does Aqua Hot look okay?

Water filter with 2 filters.

Does manoblock look okay?

Is one manoblock marked for the toilet sprayer?

Do both pass-through bays have two-way 70% sliders?  Are the sliders lined with Ozite?


Locate both slide-out room switches and run them.

Do both slide-outs work smoothly?  Do rollers press on the tile so it might break?  Does the carpet hinder its movement in the bedroom?  Are adjuster counter lock-nuts tight?  Any sign of torque twisting?  Any loose bolts?

How do you manually retract the slides?

Check automatic locking mechanisms.

Check slide-out room seals.  Use a flashlight at night or the orange-cord work light.

Check for leaks if it rains.

Look for water spots and stains.

Verify correct leveling process when slides are in and out.


Check to see if there are 500 amp fuses on the rear side of the battery disconnects as mentioned on page 8-335 of the owners manual.

Check the solar panel "charge controller" to make sure it is set up for AGM batteries as described on page 8-326 of the owners manual.

Are diagrams on inside of bay doors (LF and RR elec)?

There should be four GPL-4D Life Line Batteries.

Do the battery trays slide in and out easily?

Are the battery terminals tight?

Locate the 800-1000 amp disconnect switch for the coach batteries.

Locate engine battery disconnect switch.

Is there a locking battery disconnect switch inside the coach?

Does the battery maintainer work?  Check the green light.  ON = Okay.

ID where each end of the 4 sets of spare wires are located.


Where is the "fuel sending unit" for the fuel tank in case it needs adjustment?

Check oil, coolant, and transmission fluid levels.

Locate the two fuel filters, oil filter, and coolant filter.

How do you purge water from the fuel?

Start the diesel engine from the engine compartment.

Locate the 120-volt receptacle in the engine compartment.

Does the engine block heater work?


Is everything labeled correctly?

Fill and drain tanks to set gauges.

Where is heat radiator from Aqua Hot?

Does the flush valve work?

Run stuff in utility bay (light, water pump switch, electric, sewer, telephone, cable).

Check water pump operation.

Is there a sewer hose compartment?  Is there a sewer hose?


Check for excessive air leaks.  Go to 120 lbs and time the pressure loss using the air gauge (red is rear and green is front).  Listen for air leaks at the dashboard gauge panel and at the emergency brake pull.

Burlwood steering wheel.

Do electric sunvisors overlap?  Run them up and down.

Does the driver?s side window sun screen work?

Does front privacy curtain draw easily across the front window?  Does it close properly in front?  Is there an opening at the front door?  Pearl 009 fabric color.

Dashboard color is Taupe.

Cockpit seats are leather in Tumbleweed Taupe.

Does passenger seat have electric foot rest?

Do all the features work on the 8-way cockpit seats?

Test both seat belts.

Do both seats turn okay?

Has front TV been moved 6" to the left?

Is there a large drawer in front console above Aqua Hot radiator?

Check to see that each switch works correctly, including switches at passenger seat.

Check Smart Wheel features.  Do ICC lights work?

Does engine block heater work?

How does two-stage Jake brake work?  Get it targeted for 2nd gear!

Run backup camera.  Check audio.

How does Trip Tek message center work?

Check steering column adjustments.

Check adjustable pedals.

How do you use the emergency start switch?

ID where each of the 4 sets of spare wire ends are located

Run the dash A/C to make sure it is wired correctly.

Run the dash heater and defroster.

Run windshield wipers.

Is air leveling working okay?  Does the air pump work?  Check for air leaks.

Locate the incoming wire for the cellular antenna behind the passenger seat.

Run dash radio and 8-disc CD player.

Check surround sound.  Are all speakers working?

Run the CB.  Is CB mounted on upper left corner of console?

Run the DSS satellite system!!  Check the dual LNB.

Run both TVs.  Use through-the-air (raise and turn the antenna), cable, satellite.

Find TV booster switch.

Run the VCR.

Run the DVD.

Run both dash fans.

Test air horns.

Run the 3-way mirrors.  Does defrost work?

Start Onan diesel generator from dash switch and any other switch.

Check the RC-7 digital control for the 3000 watt inverter.

Is the RC-7 control panel set up for AGM batteries?

Check to see that the 3000 watt inverter is set up for AGM batteries.

Run interior step cover.  Make sure it doesn?t snap out so hard it could hurt someone.

Run exterior step.

Open and close the passenger dash slide-out workstation.

Check the NCC weight tags.

Check recommended tire pressures on the weight tags.

Check the dashboard gauges.  Does the Low Coolant light come on when it shouldn?t?


All Corian surfaces (countertops and window sills) should be the Dynasty 2003 design in Aurora with Oceanic Blue trim.  Check for blemishes.

Vinyl ceiling throughout like DYNASTY, flat not recessed.

Spa Blue interior from Dynasty 2003.

Test to see that the tile grout was properly sealed.

Check tile.  Does it run from the front door to the bedroom?  Is it High Gloss?  Is it set at 45 degree angle?  Does it have 1/8? grout?  Is the grout complete and smooth?  Are any tiles broken?  Have extra tiles been provided (check rear wardrobe for extra tiles and grout sealer).  Is the tile covered with plastic so it won?t get dirty?

Natural Cherry wood cabinets.

Check wallpaper.  Does it cover everywhere?  Is it tight at seams?

Executive Brass hardware with hidden hinges.

Are all mini-blinds working okay?  Do they hang straight?  Alabaster color.

Open/close all windows.  Do they work okay?  Do they lock okay?  Do all have screens?

Do all door and cupboard handles work okay?

Locate and test smoke alarm, CO detector, propane detector.  Locate their sensors.

Are all receptacles working okay (120 volt and 12 volt)?  Check polarity.

Do all switches work okay?

Executive Brass light fixtures.

Check to see if all lights work from all switches, including map lights and gem lights.  Where are the mood lights?

Two Halogen lights, with a dimmer switch, above the dinette table.  These are in place of the overhead dinette light.

Look for scrapes and mars on the woodwork but be reasonable.

Locate fire extinguisher.

Check all cabinet doors (open/close/hang straight/do latches work).

Check all drawers (smooth pulling/do latches work).  Are they all full-extension glides?

Are shelves lined with carpet?

Are all adjustable shelves in place.  There should be 2 above washer/dryer (1 standard, 1 extra we paid for).

NO vertical partitions in overhead cabinets.

There will be 10 A/C vents with 3 forward of the front A/C.

Run the 15,000 BTU roof A/Cs.  Do vents work easily so you can turn the air flow off and on?  Does front/rear interducting work?  Do heat pumps work?

Run Aqua Hot - elec/diesel/engine.  Is the hot water HOT???

Check for water line/connection leaks (two sinks, shower, toilet, washer/dryer, Aqua Hot radiators, sewer bay).

Check tank gauges.  Adjust them?

Check other electrical gauges over entry door.

Check both low profile 110-volt baseboard electric heaters.


Behind passenger seat:  Cellular antenna, 120 V, 12 V, & an RJ-11.

Rheostat switch for Halogen lights at rear of sofa under overhead cabinet.

NO folding party table.

Does surround sound work?

Sofa in Spa Blue.  It should pull out to make into bed.  Locate seat belts.

Is sofa frame on Aqua Hot line?

Drawer under sofa.  Widest possible.  Does it pull out completely and work smoothly?

Two Duncan Chambray fabric barrel chairs.

Check 5 sofa pillow designs.  Two in Duncan Chambray with Phoenix Winter Sky fringe.  Two in K28943 with Duncan Chambray + Abidijan 05 trim.  One in KS28943 with Duncan Chambray + button.

Check valences.  Duncan Chambray/K28943/ultrasuede with button.


Fabric window box above 50/50 sink to match lounge valences.

Run white-on-white Magic Chef stove and oven (22-inch model CYL2260AD with one high output burner and two regular burners).  Corian cover over it.  Run it.

Run Sharp Convection Microwave.  White color.

Test the 3 water pump switches.

Run faucets.  Are hot and cold okay?

Does faucet sprayer work?

50/50 Corian sink.  Are there two side-by-side recessed covers that are level with counter.

Check caulking near kitchen sink.

Four drawers (3.5?, 6?, 8?) and no cutting board.

No mirrors in kitchen.

Norcold 4-door refrigerator.  No ice maker.  Are all shelves in it?  Does it run on both gas and electric?  Check interior temperatures for freezers and refrigerator.

Two drawers under refrigerator in place of furnace.

Run Kool-a-Matic fan at fan switch and at thermostat.


NO mirrors on refer or wall next to it.

Does dining table pull out okay?

Two dining chairs in Duncan Chambray plus two folding chairs in basement storage.


Fabric window box in private bath.  K28943/Malinda Dusk/Ultrasuede with drape/button.

Wallpaper - Insignia PA11754 w/750 8054 border.

Water pump switch.

Flush toilet.    Use the toilet sprayer.  Does toilet sprayer work independently of flushing mechanism?  Can water be added to toilet without flushing?  Is the toilet water from the cold water line?

Executive Brass faucets.

Run faucets hot and cold.

Check caulking near bathroom sink.

Check around top of shower.

Check shower head spray.

Towel rod, etc. in a box (Executive Brass).  How many should we get?  2 for towels.

Run both Fantastic fans.

Do both pocket doors slide and lock properly?

Mirror on one pocket door?

Obscure glass in the shower (Sterling edges).

One towel bar on shower door.

Run washer/dryer.  Check for leaky connections.  Does dryer vent outside?

Are there two shelves above washer/dryer?


Carpet is Executive 2000 Northstar Blue.  Is it covered with plastic so it won?t get dirty?

Executive etched mirror on wardrobe doors.  Do both doors slide well and lock in place?

DYNASTY Bedroom??  Should have 9 drawers at foot of bed.

Do the engine compartment covers on floor open/close okay and seal well?  Do they lock in open position?

Check under bed.

Check bedside radio, clock, CD, remote control switches.

Circuit breakers.  Identify each circuit.

12-volt receptacle at base of TV cabinet.

Cellular antenna cable below TV.  Where is the coiled wire?

Does the mattress have square corners?  60 x 80 Queen.

Bedspread - Ralph Lauren square corner design in Kyle #13 Taupe.

Three decorative bed pillows in standard Dynasty Spa Blue (no sham).

THE END, "That's all folks!"
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