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Sep 11, 2005
Hi y'all I am new to this forum.  I just sold my 96 Tioga Montara class C and am now looking for a good (used) class A diesel pusher and information about diesel pushers. Thanks,
Hi John,

Welcome to the forum. Just ask your questions and you'll probably get more answers than you want. :) If you have a specific mfg in mind ask and see what owners have to say. We live full time in a 2000 American Dream by Fleetwood. Great coach but the newer models are not as nice in our opinion.


Welcome to the RV Forum.  You have found the best place to get answers to your questions so just ask.  There is a lot of experience among the framily and we are willing to share information.  We have a 99 American Eagle by American Coach division of Fleetwood which we really enjoy and can highly recommend American Coach.
Welcome to the forum John. As Jim says, ask away. I learned a lot about diesel pushers right here in the forum before we bought our Monaco. Anything specific you'd like to know about? Diesells are certainly quieter for the up-front occupants going down the highway, usually have plenty of power to pull the grades and have a number of systems that weren't on our prior gas powered coach.

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