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Nov 7, 2005
Fredericksburg VA
I had a look around, I liked what I saw, so I stayed!

We've been (tent)camping and (travel trailer)RVing for years, but last year we took the plunge and decided to restore an old Motorhome. It cost us a small fortune, but it's been well worth the efforts!

We love our old Winnebago Brave (1972). it only looks old on the outside! logged well over 3000 miles this past summer, all for great camping fun! Since I winterized it and put it under the cover for the winter, I figure maybe I can help some people and keep my camping spirit alive here all winter long.

Our camping crew consists of My wife and I, our 3 year old daughter, a new baby on the way, and our 33 year old Motorhome.
We're opposite from most RV'ers, A young Family in an old Motorhome, but we have just as much fun! I love the way people smile when they see this thing go down the road. Maybe we'll pass you on the road one day!

Congrats for your accompishments and for joining in.  Nothing wrong with old things, if elderly things were barred, many of us wouldn't be able to converse with the nice people you find in these chat rooms.  Then look at the knowledge we would lose out on and also the knowledge we would not be able to share.  I've just sold all the old & antique vehicles we had gathered, many I restored, and I would just as soon drive those as some of the newer cars on the road.  Old is how you view it. To someone that has a 69 Winnie, yours is probably new looking.  Only looking at the bright side.  Happy motoring and good luck.

Welcome to the forum from another Tom. Glad to have you here. Hopefully you'll be able to pass on some words of wisdom to folks who are contemplating restoring an older RV. We get such questions from time to time, but not too many of our regulars have that experience.

Did you happen to take any photos before and after the restoration work that you'd like to share?
Welcome aboard Tom!  I liked what you said in that other thread about not being in a hurry.  I echo Tom's desire to see photos of your restoration effort.
To answer your questions,

I have a wealth of photos of the restoration and modifications. :) As soon as I find my way around here, I'll post them for everybody. ;D

Dear Slantsixness:
One of my motorhomes over the years was a 1972 Winnie Brave. Had a 413 Dodge and was the best gasoline motorhome we ever owned. One year in Florida, she pulled a 35' Holiday Rambler Imperial out of the sand without even coughing!!!
Unfortunately, a drunk cleaned out a ditch and bashed her side in. Sold her to a local kid for 500 bucks to find her a good home.
If yours runs as well as mine did, you've got a grand dame!


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