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Oct 7, 2006
Steven Fletcher (my hubster) and I have been fulltiming for ten years. Our house is a 32' fifter which we pull with a gas powered 10 cylinder Dodge picking up truck. We base out of Yuba City, Califunya, where we have family ties. Southern CA and Arizona are our usual winter hangouts. We have a son in Lancaster, CA, which makes it handy. Steven does websites, makes mountain dulcimers, and a ukelele and a mandolin kit are awaiting his attention.

We are both woodcarvers and I am learning to play the fiddle and the instruments that Steve makes. We are members of Escapees, TTN, and were staff writers for RV Companion during it's four years of existence. We both love being footloose and happily chasing the unreachable horizon but are currently confined to Steve's mom's yard while tending to her health issues. 

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Currently: Based in Yuba City, CA
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