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Oct 8, 2018
I am interested in buying a 3500 lb. Riverside Retro 177SE. We want something that will tow it properly and found a Kia Sorento LX AWD V6 3.3 L rated at 5000 lb towing capacity. Is this a good choice for this combination? It's only my wife and I and we are lightweight at 255 lbs between us.
Sounds like it would work.  If you plan to tow around hilly country, it might struggle more than you like.  A friend of mine pulls a popup with a Honda Pilot, and really wishes he opted for a bit more pulling power.
When I looked at the specs, it is 3900# Gross weight.  With that said, with only two tiny passengers (my wife and I could have made a similar claim 45 years ago), I agree, you should be fine.  Just keep the weight of any thing else in the SUV to a minimum.
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