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Eric and Kathy

We are new to the forum and not yet an RV owner but we want to be in the near future. I have a newbee / embarrassing question, but here goes. My wife (Kathy) was fortunate to survive from intestinal surgery last year but she needs to stay close to a bathroom. I am looking at class A coaches and I was curious what the black water capacity (in days) it should have for 2 people?
Welcome to the RV Forum, Eric and Kathy!

First off, there's no need to be embarrassed. We talk about all kinds of subjects, and 'black water' issues are nothing new to us.

Usually the gray water tank is somewhat larger than the black water tank - more hand/dish washing and that sort of thing. A medium sized class A might have 30-35 gallons of black water capacity and 40-50 gallons for gray water. Mine has 40 black and 60 gray, and I could go for several weeks without having to dump, and then usually the gray will fill up first. Your time between dumps may be shorter or longer, but two weeks is a conservative estimate.  That said, some of us spend a lot of time boondocking; away from electric power, water, and dump facilities, and you learn to conserve water. This, in turn, helps to minimize the amounts you put in your holding tanks. Consider also that you may spend a lot of time in campgrounds that have either direct sewer hook-ups for your rig, or access to dump facilities very close. Bottom line: I wouldn't be too concerned. You can usually find someplace nearby to empty your tanks, if needed.

Plan on having fun and enjoying a great new freedom! :)
Welcome to the RV Forum. Please look around the forum,  join in on any of the on going discussions, start new discussions, or ask questions. Thanks for joining us.

I see Karl has already answered your question. 
We have a 40 gal. black tank and for the two of us, it will fill up in 7-10 days under normal use (no special water conservation efforts).  If we were boondocking, we could probably stretch that to 2 weeks.
We get about 7-10 days on the black tank (42 gallons) and anywhere from 3-7 on the gray, all this without actively conserving.  I say "actively", since over the years we have developed habits in the RV that are somewhat less extravagant in water usage than when at our stick house.

RV toilets do not use a lot of water to flush, even when being generous.
Recently there were 3 of us in our motorhome for 5 days.  We have a 40-gal black tank.  DH emptied it twice when it became 3/4 full.  :eek:  I was also dumping some really dirty dishwater into the commode though.

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