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May 21, 2013
Just purchased at new 2012 Fleetwood Storm 33q. We are planning on towing the wife's 2012 Honda CRV. Do I need to have installed a separate $1000 plus braking system for the car or hit the road without one? We are short trip people a few times a month. I wish I wasn't so new I had to ask this question... Thanks for your patience.
You are putting 3500 pounds(plus or minus) behind your MH.  This will add to the stopping distance needed.  More wear on the brakes on the MH, shorting their life.  It a pay it now, or pay it later. The safety issue plays a bigger part for me.  I'd spend the grand.
Many States require Braking systems on any device being towed as determined by weight of the towed device.  I have heard (possible Urban Myth) that Insurance companies will disclaim responsibility if incident occurs in such a State if Braking Device not present.

For me the most important reason has already been given  -- SAFETY.
Check out the "ReadyBrake" system from NSA. At about $400, it's a very simple and effective system. I use their "ReadyBrute Elite" towbar that has an integral ReadyBrake system, and am very pleased with it after about 40,000 miles of towing two different toads. The one time ReadyBrake installation is simple enough that most shade tree mechanics can do it without much difficulty. After that, hooking up requires just snapping a cable on a loop attached to the toad.

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