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Marc L

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Jan 2, 2007
New Brunswick, Canada

I'm new to this site.  In November, we just bought our first trailer, a 2007 TrailSport 24BH.  Can't wait to start using it.  I'm located in New Brunswick, Canada where it's supposed to be winter except that it's supposed to be 12C(54F) this weekend.  All campgrounds are closed this time of year so boondocking is the only camping available except that with the freeze and thaw of logging roads, they are too muddy to haul a 4000lbs trailer.  Guess I will have to wait until March or April or worst case May 1 when the campgrounds open.

I'm not new to camping, just new to using a travel trailer.  As a kid we camped with a tent and then upgraded to a tent trailer.  I've kept on tenting as an adult, but since we want camp more often, she decided it was time to get our own shower and toilet.

The advantage of buying a trailer in the fall is that the price is usually lower, the downside is that there is a new toy in the backyard that I don't get to use until the spring.

Welcome to the RV Forum and congratulations on the new TrailSport. Please look around the forum,  join in on any of the on going discussions, start new discussions, or ask questions. Thanks for joining us.
Hi Marc,

What, you never camped out as a kid with a bedsheet strung over the clothesline?

Seriously, you should do that this winter so you can get to know it inside and out before you hit the road. Nothing better than to find and fix any problems in the comfort of your own back yard... literally! :)
Nope, I've never camped with a bedsheet on a string, but I did sleep with the stars and with a tarp on a rope strung between two trees.

Winter camping????  I'm still waiting for winter, doesn't look like we will get one this year.

As far as camping in the yard to test stuff, I have not gone as far as to sleep in it yet, but since it's a new unit, I ran the furnace for an hour with the windows open to get rid of that new furnace smell before the first camping trip.  I had the fridge running too.  Since the plumbing has been winterized, I have not played with the plumbing until we go camping.  No point to flush all the lines of AF to then winterize again.

Talking about fixing stuff, I already fixed the radio, the speakers were not wired properly so only one was working.  Will probably add outdoor speaker jacks and bring an old set of speakers I have here for outdoors.

Thanks all for the nice welcome.
Hello Marc!

Welcome to the RV Forum.  It sounds like you might be in Northern New Brunswick.  Congratulations on the new rig.  Hope you find the RV Forum interesting, feel free to join in any of the ongoing discussions or start some of your own.

Enjoy the Forum!
Thanks Steve,

You would have been right 20 years ago as I am from Northern East NB, but now live in Southern NB, Saint John to be precise.

Was it the French spelling of Marc (C instead of K) or the mention of logging roads?

Hi Marc!

I guess it was the mention of the logging roads, but I have to admit your "C" spelling made me assume you were from northern Maine.  Goes to show why we cannot ass-ume  ;D
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