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Hollywood Bob

New member
Aug 12, 2005
New Mexico
Hello, all.  I am new to the whole RV scene, but my work has kept me on the road so much this past year that I have decided to sell my house, buy an Airstream and go full time on the road rather than continue to fund the airline and hotel industry.  But I have a couple of questions and I'm hoping there is someone out there who can answer them. If I'm on the road full time and living in different locations on a seasonal basis, in what state should I register my driver's license?  My business license?  My vehicle insurance?  And speaking of which, does anyone have any good recommendations for full time RV insurance?

Appreciate any insight you who are more experienced at this might have.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Hollywood Bob and welcome to our forum.

It sounds like you've made the big decision that so many folks agonize over. We have a number of fulltimers here who will hopefully jump in with responses to your questions.
The choice of domicile doesn't have any one answer, but is determined by reviewing several factors.  There is a short list of states that are usually considered for a domicile for a fulltimer, mostly those without state income tax.  However, since you have a business, the type of business will also be a factor.  What business are you in?  Is it a service or product based business?  Insurance cost is one of the factors in the decision.  You'll get lots of information from others here, I'm sure, but the real short list of states is usually Texas, Florida, South Dakota.

Texas is "home" to many fulltimers because of the reasonable insurance costs, no income tax, and the presence of the Escapees in Livingston, TX, an organization devoted to the support of the full or part-time rver.  Check out their web site at for details on the many services they offer.  One of the more important services from Escapees is the mail forwarding.  This is a big item for the fulltimer and they do it as well or better than any other mail service.

Give us some more details on your requirements, especially your business, and we can help you make a decision.  There are several companies that sell fulltime RV insurance but it will be better to make a choice of domicile first as the rates will be dependent on your "home" state.
Welcome to the RV Forum.  We are glad you found us.  Please join in the ongoing discussions, start new discussions, or ask any questions you might have relating to the RVing lifestyle.

Ned has given you some good information.  We fulltime and license everything in Texas.  There are some of the framily that use South Dakota and others use Florida. 
Thanks, gents, for the speedy response to my message.  Ned, in answer to your question(s), my biz is writing and producing corporate events, which is what keeps me on the road all the time.  Either I'm babysitting executives to make them feel comfortable with their speeches, or producing the video - sometimes in remote locations - that typically goes along with it.  In other words, a service business.  Hence, all the road time.  My first stop is Las Vegas for a convention in October so am hoping that I can do the licensing in Nevada while I'm there.  The insurance issue needs to be resolved before then tho, as I need to haul my rig from New Mexico to Nevada and obviously don't want to do that without being covered.  Do any of you happen to know if Nevada meets the criteria you mention?  I know it doesn't have a state income tax. You also mention mail forwarding service, which is something that, quite frankly, I hadn't even thought about yet.

Thanks again for your replies.

I have a service business too (contract programming), and do all the billing using TX as the business address even though I could be anywhere in the country while working.  I don't know if you could do that too, but I would advise consulting a good tax consultant or attorney about the legalities.

Nevada is a possible state for domicile, but it isn't usually on the short lists.  We have several members that live in NV so hopefully they will join in with more information.  Don't be in a big hurry to relicense.  You vehicles and your drivers license are still valid, so until they are up for renewal, you should be fine.

As for insurance, there are several sources to check.  Our insurance is through:

Robert N. Isbell
RV Specialty Agent
ExplorerRV Insurance Agency, Inc.
PO Box 568; Richfield, OH 44286
[email protected]
(888) 774-6778 phone
(330) 659-6687 fax

RV Alliance is another source.  I don't have the contact info handy but it shouldn't be hard to find.  They advertise in the various RV magazines.  Be sure to specify fulltimers insurance.

Keep asking questions and we'll help you make the right decisions.
I have heard licensing in Nevada is on the expensive side compared to TX, SD, MT, and Fl.  Hope Jerry or somebody living in Nevada will jump in with the straight scoop on this.
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