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Nov 22, 2012
San Jose, California
Hey guys I just bought my first motor home last week and in the process of ripping it down and rebuilding it to how I want it and getting out of the 80s lol. Just wanting to chime in and say hello.

Also wanted to add that I only bought this for $850 and mostly everything works. The ac doesn't work it tripped my breaker at my house when I had it plugged in. The MH only has 80k miles on it. The transmission needs to be replaced it runs really good other than that. The front cab over needs to be rebuilt. It needs work but I'm up for the job. It has a fuel injected ford 460 in it. I'm not worried about working on it. My dad had a 87 jamboree back in the day and had done a lot of work to it so he knows all about them. I already gutted the front half of the rig and replaced the floorboard in it due to rot in the plywood. I'm replacing the carpet with linoleum so it seals the subfloor a little better. Going to have to fix some sheet fiberglass on the outside. It has an aluminum roof on it that is solid.  I'm sure there is more work that I haven't explained. Have a happy thanksgiving.

Sounds like quite a project.  Hope it all works out great for you.  I am in Ventura area and getting ready to go full time.  Good Luck
The ac doesn't work it tripped my breaker at my house when I had it plugged in.

Don't write off that A.C. just yet - what kind of circuit did you have it plugged into?  Was it a standard 15 or 20 amp branch circuit, maybe with a long extension cord bring power to the camper?

It might be something as simple as low line voltage causing the compressor to stall, or a blower motor with a frozen shaft that drew enough current to blow the breaker on the house circuit.
That's a heck of a buy Chris!  At that price you can afford to spend some decent money to make it right and still have a good investment. Good job!

Many of us live vicariously through someone else's project.  ;) Be sure to post pictures as you go along. Who knows how much you might help the next guy considering the same work?

Good luck with your project - welcome to the Forum!

That old a/c draws about 12-13 amps all by itself, so the 15A house circuit you are plugged into can't have any other loads on it, nor can there be any other 120v loads in the RV. A 20A house circuit would give a tiny bit of leeway, though.  The a/c also has a huge start-up load, at least 2x the normal draw for about 1 second, so the house breaker may trip on start-up even though it has enough capacity to run the a/c afterwards. A slow-trip type breaker cay solve that issue.
Hi Chris welcome. Yes kindly keep us posted on the upgrade. I have an old 77 Class C which might benefit from some of the same things your doing.
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