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Jul 17, 2018
Hello! I'm extremely new, and currently looking into remodeling a 1996 companion 23jt travel trailer to live in full time. I'm having an extremely difficult time finding an online owners manual to download, and any information regarding electrical layouts, ductwork, etc. Does anyone have a good site that I'd be able to try to find an owners manual on?

Also, I have NO experience with travel trailers. Any good books/videos you guys would recommend?

Sorry to tell you, but such a manual never existed. The best you can do is get manuals for each of your appliances, such as the water heater, fridge, etc.
There is a lot of info in the RVForum Library on this site, starting with "Newcomers Need to Know...".  You can also Google 'RV basics' and find lots of sites that purport to help, though with varying degrees of success (in my opinion).

As kdbgoat said, you aren't going to find a manual that has the info you seek, cause it never existed. RVs don't come with even a decent operator manual, let alone detailed tech info.  You can find varying degrees of info in appliance operator and service  manuals. Here's one place to find some:

Ask questions right here - we will be happy to help.  A few more suggestions for education:

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